Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos got married amid the scandal: the details of the "secret" wedding of the "Assassin Bombon"


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In the midst of the scandal and with much confusion, this is how the wedding of Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos took place. The link was made last night in an exclusive subdivision of the State of Mexico , after it was first canceled by the authorities of Mexico City and the same famous one assured that it would happen until next year

Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos surprised all when planning a secret wedding for last Wednesday, but little by little it began to get complicated by the media that the marriage bond became.

From the beginning of the week it was speculated that the event could take place in the house of the “Assassin Bombón”, but it was finally confirmed that it would take place in the Casa de la Bola Museum, an enclosure located in Parque Lira in the Miguel mayor's office. Hidalgo in the capital of the country.

In this place the services for the banquet, flower arrangements and a large delegation of media were set up very early in the morning waiting for the protagonists of the long-awaited wedding.

As the afternoon progressed, it was learned that the authorities in front Mayor Miguel Hidalgo decided to suspend the event, since the coronavirus pandemic does not allow the holding of social events in gardens or halls in the demarcation, in order to protect the population from more infections.

“Before the news of a possible social event this October 28 at the Casa de la Bola Museum, administrative measures will be taken by the Legal Executive Directorate of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation to protect the population. Social events are not allowed in gardens or halls, " the local administration said in a statement.

In this way, everything related to the wedding of Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos, which allegedly took place in secrecy, began to be dismantled. Those involved sold the exclusive to People in Spanish, a publication that also obtained the details of the commitment when they traveled to Turkey a month ago

Although everything was removed from the Casa de la Bola Museum, the services were transferred to another party room, but in this time located in the Hacienda Valle Escondido subdivision, in Atizapán de Zaragoza in the State of Mexico.

Several personalities from the Mexican celebrity and the daughter of Ninel Conde, Sofía Telch, arrived at this place. The actor Raúl Araiza, the producer Alejandro Gou, the singer Yuri, the comedian Ariel Miramontes, among others, were seen when they arrived at the center dedicated to social events.

The Telemundo program, Suelta la sopa , managed to capture Ninel Conde upon arrival at Hacienda Valle Escondido, where she already wore her wedding dress.

The designer Gustavo Matta, owner of the Matta Bridal boutique, shared yesterday the image of the Mexican actress and singer's dress.

In his Instagram stories he published a photograph of Ninel modeling the fitted white dress and a phrase that summed up all the conflict that occurred during the link.

“When love triumphs over all things,” wrote the renowned fashion designer.

The marriage occurred despite the fact that the "killer bombon" insisted on denying its realization all week.

"Yes, of course next year I will unite my life to the person that God has arranged for me because that is how he has done it for me. shown and we believe so, and of course all the special people in our lives will be invited, but in the meantime calm down, that everything is fine, "he said during a transmission he made through his Instagram account.

He highlighted that Giovanni Medina , former partner of the famous, decided to vacation with their son, little Emmanuel. Medina and Conde still have an intense battle in the Mexican courts for the custody of the minor.

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