"No, I'm not getting married": Maite Perroni told why she decided to cancel her wedding at the last moment


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Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni spoke about her relationship with Chilean producer Koko Stambuk and denied that there is a upcoming wedding . The young couple has been together since 2013 and the possibility of getting married has been speculated on several occasions.

“They always want to marry me but I'm already more than fine. I've been in a relationship for a long time. , a very very beautiful relationship and there we are very well. So no, we have no problem with our calendar, "said Maite in an interview when asked about a possible wedding for the television program Ventaneando.

The protagonist of The game of keys denied having plans to marry her partner in the short term: “ Everything is still in order and with plans that we are making, both personal and professional, and, well, no. They don't have to worry.

This is not the first time the former RBD has spoken about the role marriage plays in her life. In an interview for the journalist Lourdes Stephen's YouTube channel, Maite spoke about the time when she stopped caring about marriage when she was about to get married, but she eloped and left her fiancé standing.

“I didn't care about marriage since at the age of 23 I was a fugitive girlfriend and I didn't want to get married . With a ring, wedding, boyfriend and house and I said 'no, I'm not getting married'. It kind of took off from me, ”said the actress.

“ I was going to get married and I didn't get married. And I don't regret it for a second, "said Maite Perroni, who said that this was the best decision given the young age she was at that time. The actress also shared in that interview that she believes that love and marriage are isolated issues.

“I realized at that moment that to be with someone I really didn't have to follow the protocol of 'I have to get married and I have to do what is said to be done' because I really realized that the most important thing was find that person with whom you have the essentials of the relationship and love, "he pointed out.

" If one day we decide to do it (Koko and I get married) it will be because we want to celebrate what we already have and, if not, it doesn't affect me in no sense. I'm super good and I feel solid with what there is. (...) I do not need all this to know that I am with someone and that it is real, "he concluded.

This position prevails in the former RBD spokesperson , who in addition to denying any rumor about a possible wedding in any near future, is working on the recording of the new season of The game of keys , where she will play Adriana for the second time.

The actress shared from her official Instagram account a promotional photo of the series and a series of videos about how the photo was taken. In the aerial shot, the cast and production staff formed the words "'The Game' T.2." with their bodies while lying in the garden.

Production for this season began in November 2020. Sebastián Zurita, Marimar Vega, Horacio Pancheri and Fabiola Campomanes are working on it. Also joining the cast of the second season will be the singer Alejandra Guzmán and the comedian and stand-out Michelle Rodríguez.

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