One million per conference: Henry of England and Meghan Markle's juicy contract


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The Dukes of Sussex were looking for new work in their American adventure and they seem to have found it. And, besides, comfortable, glamorous and not underpaid. Enrique of England and Meghan Markle will be able to put on their business cards that are lecturers, since they have signed up for new York-based PR specialists Harry Walker.

As published by the magazine Town&Country, the marriage has been hired by that prestigious agency, which was founded in 1946 and remains in the hands of the same Walker family ever since, to give talks. "Conversations will be related to important issues in their lives and in the world," an informed source told the publication. "The issues to be addressed will be broadly related to the social issues facing the planet, such as racial justice, gender equity, mental health, issues that impact women and girls, and the environment. It will also be all the relationships between them," he says. According to the US media Page Six, lecturers charge up to $1 million for each talk (about 890,000 euros at the current change).

Apparently, the events in which the marriage will participate in their new life after becoming independent from the British royal family (something they announced last January and which they held on 31 March) will begin to unfold very soon and their admirers will be able to hear them, obviously upon payment. That said, don't expect intimacies. "There are no plans for them to talk about the royal family," says that very source. "They've only signed with Harry Walker for talks, and they haven't done so with any other agency for any other purpose," they report.

Many of the issues these talks will deal with "will be related to Archewell's foundation and mission, his new organization, and from which they will manage his philanthropic efforts." Henry and Markle announced the birth of this foundation in early April, just a week after leaving the British royal family. Then they only disclosed the name, said that they were "anxious" to launch it 100% and explained that through it they intended to create a volunteer service and "share educational and learning materials through audiovisual material, podcasts, books...". Despite their discreet announcement, they were criticized for the bad timing: in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when covid whipped Europe more virulence than ever before.

Harry Walker presents itself as "an exclusive lecturer agency that represents the best, most motivational, most important speakers." In fact, you can't complain about the characters you have on staff, ranging from the Obama marriage to the Clintons, to the sisters and tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, actors Tina Fey and Lin Manuel Miranda, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, former US Vice President Dick Cheney or former Pepsi President Indra Nooyi. Among his latest additions are former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and actor Matthew McConaughey.

At the moment, this will be the first job for marriage, which despite the juicyness of the conditions will have to look for more avenues of income if they want to maintain their living status and that of their son, Archie. Prince Charles of England, Henry's father, will pay the costs of his safety during his first year (in which they will live between California and Canada), while they must return to the British coffers the cost of the renovation of their Windsor home, Frogmore House. Some 2.7 million euros remain to be paid. But they will have to deal with much more, since between security, travel, houses... it is estimated that the initial investment of this new stage of his life seed of about 30 million euros.

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