Paulina Rubio faces another lawsuit in Miami: a businessman accuses her of a debt of 50 thousand dollars


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Paulina Rubio has not started the year in the best way as she is once again in legal trouble . This time the businessman David Alvarado sued the singer for breaching a verbal agreement.

According to the documents obtained by “Ventaneando”, the singer was sued in Miami-Dade County for a minimum payment of USD 30,000 . In this complaint, Alvarado assured that through a verbal agreement, the singer hired him and his consulting agency in May 2019.

In the document it states that "the Golden Girl" requested that, through the agency, Alvarado handle the career of the interpreter, advise her on her tour that year and assist her in the negotiations of a biographical film that she agreed with the Live Nation Entertainment company. In addition, Rubio asked that Alvarado work for her exclusively .

The lawsuit also alleged that Rubio agreed to pay USD 7,500 per month for her services, because Link Productions, the Mexican company, would close and she needed someone to represent her .

The businessman assured that the deal was complied with because he contacted Rubio with Charly de la Torre, a promoter in Mexico to arrange concerts in the country. In addition to everything agreed, he also paid her for a video clip, accompanied her to work meetings in Venezuela, promoted the launch of a new single, got her potential screenwriters and writers for her tape and accompanied her to recording sessions.

The businessman argued that the payment of their services would be from USD 30,001 to USD 50,000. In addition to this, she also demands that the fees of the lawyers in this lawsuit be paid, two new computers that would be used for the tour, in addition to the personal expenses such as meals and transportation that she and her children benefited from .

A history of

legal battles At the end of last October it was announced that the interpreter is facing a lawsuit filed by a credit company in Miami, Florida and for which she is required to cover USD 28,000 .

The complaint was filed for credits not covered requested by the “Golden Girl” and that she would have used to pay the multiple debts she has accumulated, such as the cost of supporting her children, the pension she gives to her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera and the respective payment of her lawyers .

The litigation reported that the singer has not paid " uncovered credits amounting to an amount of USD 28,622 " (equivalent to 612,288 Mexican pesos) .

In addition to these debts, the Mexican singer She is in charge of the maintenance of her house and her two children Andrea Nicolás and Eros; She must also pay alimony of USD 7,000 (approximately 148,000 Mexican pesos) to her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, better known as “Collate”, a commitment she acquired when they divorced in 2014.

Paulina Rubio must also continue with the payment to her lawyers, who have supported her in the tough legal battle she has for the custody of her two children. As the process that is currently being developed in the Miami court, for the custody of the son who procreated her with the Spanish businessman .

The legal battle between both personalities intensified this year, after the Spanish businessman appeared before the North American authorities to defend the integrity of his son, who is allegedly a victim of attacks by his family.

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