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Paz Padilla and Anna Ferrer, mother and daughter, have just trained as every morning in their small home gym, and ask for a little time to have breakfast: goat cheese, avocado, corn bread, everything healthy and organic, even eggs from their own chickens. Because, in their huge chalet on the outskirts of Madrid, they have a chicken coop and orchard. “Rather we had”, says Padilla, “the snowfall spoiled my beans and peas… A disaster, but now I will plant the tomatoes and potatoes”. The actress, presenter and comedian has become aware of the importance of healthy eating. “Now she's a little calmer, but before it was an obsession: she took her own food to places!” Jokes Ferrer.

Mother and daughter, 51 and 24 years old, seem to have a great time, they are very close friends and Very funny. “Before the differences between generations were more pronounced, but now there are more things that unite us. I love being with my daughter, learning about her and her friends, being in the world, feeling alive, ”says Padilla. Not only do they get together to play sports, eat healthy or have fun, they also launch a fashion brand together: Noniná (in Andalusian it means something like “come on now”). Three years ago they set up a store in Zahara de los Atunes, a place of wind and sand where they spent their summers and Ferrer grew up, and they began to make clothes that reflected that imaginary of the Cadiz coast: summer, relaxation, joy. "There are brands that are born and offered to people, but in this case it was the people who asked us for Noniná", says Padilla.

This week they launch their new product, some artisan nappa leather bags that went to design in Ubrique, where there is tradition. "You see the artisans of Ubrique working and you start to cry with emotion," says Padilla. They want to offer careful, durable, sustainable, ethical products, with which their customers can identify. "The way of consuming fashion is changing: we have realized that it is neither necessary nor good to consume massively, it is necessary to consume less and better", says Ferrer, who has just graduated in Economics and has started a master's degree in brand management in fashion. This is how the work is divided: Ferrer applies his knowledge in business work, Padilla helps with heart and intuition.

Another area that unites them is technology. Ferrer is a very followed influencer (654,500 followers) who tries to show herself naturally: “I am real,” she says in her Instagram biography. "It is that in the world of social networks it seems that everything has to be perfect and there is a lot of posturing, I try to show myself with my good and bad days." For his part, Padilla has managed to gain a foothold in a social network incomprehensible to many adults: TikTok. In his videos, he appears doing the prawn in a large number of variations, using those humorous skills with which he rose to fame. "I think that those of us who do humor cannot stay pigeonholed, we have to advance with the generations," he opines.

Padilla's interest in healthy living began with the disease, cancer, and the subsequent death, in July 2020, of her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal. Since then he has advocated for taking care of himself and also for taking death with philosophy, going through the duel without it being a defeat, looking forward, even with humor: sadness and laughter do not have to be mutually exclusive. “We live with our backs to death. When someone you love very much becomes ill, you have to overcome your fears to accompany them, to help them die with love, ”says Padilla. Their experiences will be recounted in the book The Humor of My Life (HarperCollins), which is published in April and that in presale goes like a shot. "I want my experience to serve to help other people go through that trance," he says, "if I help one, for me it would already be a great job: this was my mission in life."

Another activity de Padilla is to present the program Sálvame, that often controversial television circus. "He receives a lot of criticism, but through him I learn a lot about Spanish society, it is part of who we are ... and we do a lot of accompaniment to many people who are at home," he says. In the end, he muses, the spectacle on that unusual set is not that different from the spectacle in politics and soccer. “It is true that in show business there is a lot of gossip, a lot of confrontation and a lot of superficiality; I believe that, given my vital moment, I can help to contextualize things and take away the iron from issues ”, concludes the presenter.

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