“Pepillo” Origel and Martha Figueroa returned to “Ventaneando”: this is how they celebrated the 25 years of the program


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The celebrations for Ventaneando's 25 years began with a great surprise: the participation of Juan José “Pepillo” Origel and Martha Figueroa.

After the transmission of Hechos Meridiano , a live link was made with the program, to which they dedicated mariachi music.

Then Pati Chapoy started the program. By the way, the song that was presented in the opening was the same with which they debuted on January 22, 1996.

" Ventaneando was born 25 years ago and in that first program I was accompanied by Pedro Sola, Juan José Origel, " said Chapoy before present Pepillo in the forum and announced that Martha Figueroa would be contacted via zoom because she is outside of Mexico.

Origel excitedly recalled the beginnings of Ventaneando and how without being famous or young they achieved great success.

Pedro Sola celebrated how it changed him life the broadcast, because before that he was "a fourth grade bureaucrat." Origel joked that after Ventaneando he became “superb.”

Chapoy recalled how from the beginning Origel was incisive with his comments and Sola spoke of the note that Pepillo gave and that ended with the separation of Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian.

And it is that Pepillo saw Joan Sebastian with Arleth Terán.

"You have more hair," Pati told Pepillo when she saw images of how he looked 25 years ago.

The head of Ventaneando acknowledged that in that "we fought, we were distressed."

The surprises did not stop there, because in the The first minutes of the program made a link via Zoom with Martha Figueroa, who shared her excitement and memories for the 25 years of the program.

Figueroa spoke of an anecdote by Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuente s that she was fortunate to witness.

They also showed some unpublished images of the pilot of the program that would bear another name.

Several anecdotes were related to the difficulty they had in the beginning to get some interviews, because nobody wanted to speak for their cameras.

The presence of Origel and Figueroa attracted special attention because Pepillo was the first to leave the program to go to Televisa , and although at one time it was said that his relationship with Pati Chapoy went bad, he finally arrived They egged on their differences.

Chapoy herself asked him to talk about how he had the "sizes" to say goodbye to the program and go to Televisa because "they paid him more and they cheated him." So Origel recalled how Alberto Ciurana made him an attractive offer for which he decided to make the leap.

Pedrito Sola commented that after Origel's departure, the producer Carmen Armendariz also went to Televisa , so one Friday they were left in nothing and Sergio Pérezgrovas had to go to the remove.

When remembering the anecdote they even talked about how Pati said that Origel had left "like the maids" and Pepillo emphasized that he told him "you don't fit here anymore."

It should be noted that Pepillo currently has a special participation in the Hoy program, on Televisa , a competitor of Azteca.

Martha Figueroa also left the broadcast in the middle of some controversy. After returning from the coverage of the 1998 World Cup in France, he learned that he would no longer be part of the broadcast dedicated to the world of entertainment.

On some occasions he indicated that he no longer had a relationship with Chapoy, but due to his presence this afternoon on the program It seems that any quarrel is in the past.

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