Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos have been parents to their fourth child, a child


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Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos have been parents to their fourth child who was born this Sunday at 18:56 as reported by the footballer and the presenter on their respective Instagram accounts. It is a child who has been called Maxim Hadrian and who comes to thicken the already large family that they have formed after eight years of relationship and a wedding all over threeth that was held in the cathedral of Seville in June 2019, having had their first three children, Sergio, Marco and Alejandro. Happy parents in addition to dedicating themselves to their respective displays of affection – "thank you for always being there. I love you," Rubio has dedicated to her husband, and "always proud of you, my life. I love you madly", from Ramos to the recent mom" – they have reported that the baby has weighed 3,270 kilos and that both the mom and the child "are perfect".

The new member of the family has arrived shortly after his famous father, the Real Madrid footballer, won the league title with his team in what has been the most anomalous competition of recent years because of the coronavirus. The delay of the holidays and the pregnant advanced of Pilar Rubio, forced the family to stay in Madrid, where they have established their residence.

The arrival of the new baby was met in January through the presenter herself, who made the announcement in an original form in the space that he presents regularly in the program The Anthill, driven by Pablo Motos, who is a great friend of the couple. A videomapping showed Pilar Rubio's body parts until finally a play of lights and music illuminated her belly until a baby figure was distinguished. Since then, the presenter, very active in her social networks has been showing the progress of her pregnancy and sharing the type of food and exercises she performs to stay in shape and recover her figure as quickly as she has on the previous three occasions.

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immensely happy to be able to introduce you to Maximus Hadrian. He was born at 6:56 p.m. and weighed 3,270 kg. Mom and baby are perfect. @pilarrubio_oficial, always proud of you, my life. I love you madly! ❤💜❤ Immensely happy to be able to introduce you to Máximo Adriano. He was born at 6:56PM and weighed 3,270 kg. Mum and baby are perfectly fine. Always proud of you, my love. I love you to pieces! ❤💜❤

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A process that seems to have been easier than choosing her new child's name as she herself stated not long ago that they had several options but did not agree and that it was likely to be a compound name to please both, as it has been. The love story of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos began in a curious way that the same athlete unveiled in the first chapter of the documental The heart of Sergio Ramos: "I dreamed three nights in a row with her and I told my sister, my brother-in-law and some other friend. And I said, I have to send you a message or something to see if there's any luck. I saw her as a little far away at the level of possibility. Then I took her to my turf and I'm delighted to have her by my side all the time. Together we have created a wonderful family."

In June 2019 and after three children in common they married at a wedding that after the ceremony they celebrated all over the place with a party at the estate La Alegría, owned by the real madrid player. An event that made rivers of ink run for the spectacular ideas he gathered to amuse the guests and in which there was not even a flying dragon from which the bride and groom flew over their guests.

In an interview with EL PAÍS in October 2018, Rubio gave some facts about the beauty routines he regularly follows but especially during his pregnancies and that particularly affect his diet: "I've always eaten everything, but when I got pregnant with my first child I started to take an interest in the world of nutrition." In 2017 he came to have a program—Fit Live mitted by Fox Live—detailing the daily routines he followed in defending a healthy life: "Food is essential to avoid disease and needs to be instilled in new generations. It's basically about going back to the primary products, how it used to eat," she said.

In that interview she also stated that despite being a mother of a large family, combining him with his work remained a priority: "I do not know how to be without work, I need it because even if I am a mother I do not want to lose my identity as a working woman or my independence." A decision that apparently remains in effect after the birth of her fourth child, even though like many other mothers then confessed that it cost her "hours of sleep and having to organize her agenda well."

Rubio began her Economics career, but chance made her accompany a friend who was going to perform a casting for an advertisement and she was the one. Since then she has advertised, television, some foray into film, served as a prescriber and even a writer (she is the author of Embarazada, and now what?). "I wanted to be doing a different thing every day, that every day I know how it starts but not how it ends and it is in that chaos that I feel happy and what I like about my work. But where I feel most comfortable is as a communicator," she said.

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