Quique San Francisco assures that he is "desperate" to continue in the ICU, but evolves favorably


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On February 5, the news was known that the actor Quique San Francisco was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Madrid hospital due to bilateral pneumonia, although without knowing if it was associated with the coronavirus or some other ailment. Now, San Francisco has spoken for the first time, still from the UCI, to explain his situation and say that, although tired of the situation, he is recovering favorably.

San Francisco, 65, has explained to the magazine Hello! that everything started at the beginning of January. In full snowfall due to the storm Filomena , barely able to breathe or walk, turned to a police friend to take him in his 4x4 vehicle to the hospital. He had not had a fever, but only a cough, but his situation was beginning to be delicate, although he endured the hospitals due to his panic. Even so, in the end he was forced to go to the medical center.

The point is that the interpreter suffered from necrotizing pneumonia that had been made difficult by another bacterial strain, something that caused the infection to spread to the kidney and pass through the blood, hence the complication of their problems. Upon arriving at the hospital, he was immediately intubated and transferred to the ICU.

"I'm desperate to get out of here," he told the publication, between irony and fatigue, mixing the tiredness of being in the hospital, the illness and the fear of hospitals. According to account, these weeks are being hard and it still needs medication with antibiotics and oxygen. "I still can't walk," he explains, "and the respirator is always at hand," he details, while waiting for the results of "the latest cultures and tests to see how" his lungs are responding. "

But San Francisco already has projects for when it comes out. As if it were John Malkovich , he seeks to make an autobiographical mockumentary called How to be Enrique San Francisco . Just before entering the hospital, the actor had been forced to suspend the performance of his play The Penultimate , with which he was on tour throughout Spain since it premiered in October 2018. Just at the end of January, the On the 23rd, the actor was going to represent her in the culture classroom of the Getxo municipality (Bizkaia), but the organizers excused the cancellation for "health reasons" in San Francisco, without giving details about it.

Physical and economic problems lead pestering the actor for decades; in fact, a serious traffic accident nearly cost him his life in 2002, when a car hit his motorcycle. In addition, in March 2019 he lost his house due to financial problems or, as he says with his usual black humor: “I left before they took it from me. I was faster because those things are coming. " Since then, he has lived in a hotel room on the outskirts of Madrid.

Throughout his long career, San Francisco has participated in 70 films, 40 plays, and often boasts of being a pioneer in comedy monologues. “They called me in to do the pilot for The Comedy Club and it worked. I became a benchmark for humor monologues ”, he told EL PAÍS in an interview in October 2018.

Source: Elpais

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