"I was not unfaithful": Chiquis Rivera responded to the attacks after her kiss with Mr. Tempo


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Janney Marín, better known as Chiquis Rivera, broke the silence about the alleged romance she has with businessman Jorge Cueva, even though she is still married to the former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón, Lorenzo Méndez. Jenni Rivera's daughter appeared before the media and faced accusations of infidelity after she was seen walking and having several displays of affection towards the restaurateur identified as Mr. Tempo. It should be remembered that last weekend the new couple was seen in Mexico City. Chiquis and Jorge shared time in a restaurant, walked more than once hand in hand and even romantic kisses before boarding an elevator. “I was not unfaithful, never in my life and he knows it, Lorenzo knows it and he knows the reasons for our separation. Out of respect for her mother, her daughter and Lorenzo, I have not talked about the details, ”he commented in statements obtained by the Suelta la Sopa program. “I am very hurt, but I am strong, I will always show my face. It hurts me that they always want to turn things around, that is not valid and that they say that I was unfaithful, because that is not true and he knows it. I tell him to respect me because I was a very good wife, "he added in front of the cameras. The singer did delve into the reasons why she lived with the businessman and how they have been related in recent weeks, which is why she left the door open to a possible relationship but later, since now she faces a separation. “I have known Jorge for almost four years, we had not spoken to each other in a long time and after a week talking about business, he told me that he liked me, he told me straight ahead, but he knows that I am in a process and he respects that. We are giving ourselves time and right now to focus on two very big projects that we are doing together and they are to help the community and I really loved it. I'm super happy that he believes in me and I in his vision, ”concluded the 2020 Latin Grammy nominee. The version of the joint projects was also given by Mr. Tempo, who did deny having a relationship with Jolene's interpreter , Horas extras and that's not me. “No, she is a very good friend, a very good friend. Of course not, she 's a friend, I've known her for four years. We invited her to the opening (of the restaurant), she has come twice. Yes, she is beautiful, but she is a friend, I am respectful, I know she is married. And no, nothing to see. And here's a scoop: I'm doing business with it. One of my companies is going to give the image to her. Let her be the representative of the company and my partner ”, recently revealed the businessman known as Mr. Tempo to the program Suelta la sopa . Chiquis Cueva and Jorge Cueva became the center of the conversation after they were captured in the capital of Mexico very affectionate, which generated hundreds of reactions and erroneous comments against them. Both were seen walking hand in hand after sharing in the seafood restaurant "El peladito", owned by actor Alexis Ayala, as well as inside a hotel where they finally kissed before getting into an elevator. Jorge Cueva, known as Mr. Tempo, is an immigrant from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who arrived in the United States at the age of 18 and without knowing how to speak English. He began his career as a dishwasher and gradually made a place for himself in the restaurant industry thanks to his ability to understand business management. MORE ABOUT THIS THEME Chiquis Rivera surpassed Lorenzo Méndez: that's how they caught her kissing with Mr. Tempo

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