"It was a desperate cry": Monica Noguera spoke of the last message that Daniel Urquiza sent her


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Shortly after the news of the death of Daniel Urquiza "The King of Extensions" was released, the presenter Mónica Noguera shared a photograph with him and a message in his memory on her Instagram account. He recognized that although they had their conflicts, she never saw him as a bad person but as the child who was abandoned. “One day we loved each other, we worked together for hours, we laughed. Your sarcasm took me out of my shyness, many people said 'but how bad is it'. In my mind I only passed the image of the suffering of a child who was left alone in life, ” Noguera wrote at the beginning of his post on the social network. He also spoke of how tough Urquiza could be with his comments. “Ah but how you liked to piss people off Dani! You had the perfect words to offend and get away with it, I was no exception, you did two shows telling me the mother because that's how human relationships are, defense mechanisms, I failed you at some point and you said, there you go. I am left to smile because you were not bad as people think. Dani was like this: she had thoughts of guilt for not being able to get out of the situation, difficulty making decisions, negative self-regard, negative of the world, negative of the future, attention difficulties, memory problems, suicidal ideas, passivity, difficulty in social relationships, dependence, loss of motivation and ability to enjoy and seek happiness ”. Noguera went further and recalled the last contact with the stylist, who died this Monday, October 19, in his apartment in Mexico City. "The last time you left me a message was to say 'I love you very much' ... now I know that it was a desperate cry in the most subtle way of telling me 'I'm making a decision'" , explained the presenter without revealing when that happened last contact. "Voluntary death went from being perceived as an action for which the subject is solely morally responsible to an event where he loses that responsibility, due to mental illness. Therefore, considering suicide as a mental illness had the purpose of destigmatizing the behavior of unnatural and voluntary death, as an unwanted consequence of the disease, but it did not cease to be thought of as a manifestation of madness, therefore, the subject Suicidal is still considered a person with an unbalanced mind, a madman .... I close by telling you where you are, that you weren't crazy .... You were deeply sad, desolate, devastated, abandoned ... now you are where you always wanted, good Dani dear trip , " added Noguera in the moving message. The actress and singer Lorena Herrera also referred to Urquiza's death. He and Herrera collaborated for some time, as she promoted the extensions that Daniel placed, but as seen in the Urquiza reality show, the relationship did not end so well. “RIP Daniel Urquiza. It is very strong to know of so many people lately going through too much suffering to the level of taking their own lives . The inner work, connecting with the light of God, is the most important work to have the strength to face the most difficult moments, ”Lorena wrote in her Instagram stories. Let us pray from the bottom of our hearts for all those people who suffer from anxiety and depression. The emotional suffering is terrible, ”he added. In Mexico, the National System of Support, Psychological Council and Crisis Intervention by Telephone ( SAPTEL ) offers telephone assistance 24 hours a day at the number: 0155 5259-8121 . In the United States, you can dial + 1-888-628-9454. At the Buenos Aires Suicide Assistance Center they attend to anyone in crisis on the free lines 135 from Buenos Aires and GBA or at + 54-11 5275-1135 24 hours a day. There is also the Suicide Family Attention Center (CAFS): Tel. (011) 4758-2554 ( cafs_ar@yahoo.com.ar - www.familiardesuicida.com.ar ). In the United States, there is the National Suicide Prevention Network to ask for help; You can call 1-888-628-9454 or 1-800-273-8255, the National Suicide Prevention Service line, to speak with someone who will provide free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days of the week. CDC also recommends its own prevention policies, programs, and practices. MORE ON THIS TOPIC:

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