Rafael Amargo: "It was an unnecessary show"


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The Granada-born dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo has described the two days that he has been detained for his alleged involvement in an organization dedicated to drug trafficking as “unnecessary spectacle” and has ironized that “Pablo Escobar had one”. The head of the Court of Instruction number 17 of Madrid agreed on Thursday night the release of Rafael Amargo, his partner and the other two people detained together with the dancer and choreographer last Tuesday evening for allegedly integrating a illegal substances trafficking network, legal sources have reported. After eleven o'clock at night, Amargo left the dungeons of Plaza Castilla exultant before the media, clapping his hands and hugging his lawyer, Cándido Conde-Pumpido. "If I look very animated and I have to be tomorrow at the premiere of my work," he said in reference to the premiere scheduled for Thursday in Yerma, which will finally take place this Friday.

Amargo has defended that "there is nothing "At home and that if he manages to" organize such a large marketing campaign for his play "he will not do better. However, he has warned that he is not going to "stay put" since "Pablo Escobar had one" and the accusations of belonging to a criminal organization serve him to "write a television series." “What they do is damage the artist but it will help me to write. In my house there was nothing, there was a lot of joy, it is a place where many artists have passed, "he added.

For Amargo" one can say whatever he wants "without and has considered that it is of" little shame and little humanity ”What happened two days before a premiere. And is that the artist has been two days "lying on the ground" in a "dungeon eaten of shit" and has criticized this situation since the administrations have obligations. He has praised the role of the police who have "behaved very well" but instead "the people in the cells have behaved nefariously." Bitter has considered a "furor" what has been generated these two days since a "stash" has not been found and it has been created is an "unnecessary spectacle" that if it had been a "less strong person" they would be charged. .

The artist, visibly moved, thanked all the people who have supported him. "I like to party and I like to celebrate," he said. He has also had words of affection for his wife, Luciana, who was also detained by the National Police. "A year ago we got married and nobody knew it," he revealed. "I am going to throw some balls as I have never thrown and I am going to break the tables," he finished his statements about his performance at the premiere this Friday.

The Madrid Prosecutor's Office had requested provisional imprisonment without bail for the dancer Rafael Amargo and his partner but the judge has assessed to reject the entry into prison that the four investigated have a known address and roots. However, it maintains the accusations for crimes against public health, in its form of drug trafficking, and belonging to a criminal organization. The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid clarifies in a press release that the accusations are provisional, and that they may vary in the course of the investigations.

Source: Elpais

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