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Rosana's song Without fear is a battle cry for Raquel Meroño, winner of the fifth edition of MasterChef Celebrity . It was the soundtrack that accompanied him during the cooking show, a contest in which he began with several black aprons —the ones used by the participants in the elimination tests— to later come back and be crowned the winner in front of the comedian Florentino Fernández . But this musical theme has sounded in other moments of his life. “It was a song that I played when I broke up. He was entering a new era. I put it on one day and it gave me a high, ”recalls the actress and presenter about the end of her relationship with businessman Santi Carbones in 2018, after more than a decade together.

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“Fear paralyzes and thus you do not advance anywhere. You get blocked, scared and it's a horrible feeling, "explains Meroño by phone, who is characterized by her optimism, her joy and, as she says, for being" enjoying herself. " Although sometimes she admits to being too intense: “I find it difficult to be calm. I have to always be as excited. If not, I'm super drama queen . I exhaust myself, ”she admits laughing. However, thanks to the Spanish Television program, he has not only learned to cook beyond the microwave, but has also been able to remain calm in times of stress.

One of the team tests was carried out in Carbones 13, the chiringuito that he owns with his ex-partner in Tarifa (Cádiz). In fact, the idea of converting the establishment they opened in 2013 into a television set for a few hours came from Santi Carbones himself. “He told me two weeks before filming. I did not see it viable, but he contacted the producer and they moved it very quickly. They gave me an incredible surprise ”, she tells about that episode in which they showed that despite their breakup they maintain a good relationship, especially with their daughters, the twins Daniela and Martina, 14 years old.

When Meroño, known for programs and series as Uno para todos and When leaving class , she became a mother, she put aside the world of television to focus on girls and little by little develop her entrepreneurial side. He did not abandon the small screen completely thanks to works like Yo soy Bea , but his participation was not the same as in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Among the different businesses he manages is Rock and Loft, a localization agency of spaces for filming and events, or Malam, a furniture design firm. It is currently preparing to open a web portal that will serve as a speaker for small Spanish fashion and decoration brands. "I'm looking for the name right now, I already have the team made and we are looking for those firms," she says very excited.

Despite running some of these businesses with her ex-husband, her entrepreneurial streak comes from her father, Fernando: “He has had many companies. When I was very little, she started with [the distributor] Meroño Home Video. I remember that I saw ET in scoop ”. As she grew up, Raquel Meroño became increasingly clear that her future lay on television. Something that did not convince her father much, so they agreed on a pact: the actress interrupted her studies in Journalism for a year to look for work in the entertainment sector and if she did not find anything after that term, she would dedicate herself to the machinery company of public works then directed by his father. "And thank goodness that I got one for all and I started dancing on television," he says with some relief.

From both his father and his mother, Pilar, he has also inherited the passion for traveling, something that he tries to instill in his daughters, who from a very young age have visited Mexico, Italy, France and Morocco, among other countries. "It seems to me that if you don't see other cultures, it is impossible to develop empathy and an understanding of what the world is," says Meroño, a stalwart from Bali (Indonesia), although she acknowledges that the island is no longer the same as before because of the ravages of tourism.

It is surprising that after having traveled around the world so many times, I don't miss getting on a plane too much now that with the coronavirus pandemic it is advisable not to travel: “Many times we go so fast that we are not aware of things. With confinement I shut myself up with my daughters and I really enjoyed their company ”. In the middle of the quarantine, the offer from MasterChef arrived and he met the cook Bárbara Buenache, his trainer for the television competition: “He has turned to me, he has trusted me more than I myself and he has pulled the car at times when That was wavering, "she says of her new friend, whom she continues to see once the contest is over:" My plan is to go to Barbara's house, open a bottle of wine, put on some music and make our plates. We are talking, we are gossiping, we are laughing… We even start dancing a great song. ”

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Buenache has been a fairy godmother for Meroño, just as she was for Javier Ambrossi before he premiered the play La called . They both met while filming the series Arrayán : - "We looked like Pili and Mili", she comments on the close friendship they forged - and then she convinced her then husband to hire Ambrossi as a waiter at the restaurant Válgame Dios, in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca. It was in that place, where the actress Belén Cuesta also worked, where the show that popularized her name and that of Javier Calvo was created. Since then Meroño has appeared in an episode of Paquita Salas , a series also created by Los Javis, and she hopes that the couple of directors will involve her in a new project: “I know that Ambrossi, who always tells me so, will give me joy. I am convinced ”.

The actress wants to return to television and more after passing through MasterChef Celebrity :“ It has made me very happy to be surrounded by cameras again and I have remembered what my life had been before. I have connected especially with the illusion that of the beginning. I have reconnected with myself ”. They have told him about a project, but still nothing that can be confirmed. However, he brings out his optimism: "Right now I am very excited and with a positive mind because I think it is the only way to attract good things."

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