Raquel Perera speaks for the first time after her divorce from Alejandro Sanz: "I miss a little affection"


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At the beginning of September, just over a year after announcing their intention to separate, Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera finally signed their divorce . The singer and who was for a decade her personal assistant and right hand in business reached an agreement whereby she would return from Miami (Florida, USA) with their two children in common, Dylan and Alma, but in turn He received a substantial amount: a million euros in three payments and a pension of 10,000 euros a month. Now, six weeks after ending that important stage in his life, Perera has decided to tell his story. Extremely discreet woman, there are hardly any statements or photographs of her during her time with Sanz, more than at some event, concert or at her famous secret wedding in 2012 . However, now Perera opens with the magazine Hello! and it even becomes the protagonist of its cover this Wednesday. Photographed between rocks and mountains with a chiffon dress in earth tones that moves with the air, or between trees and waterfalls with jeans, very smiling, Perera tells the magazine that “I needed to close a stage before opening a new one ... also, close it with peace and with a very clear conscience. "Perera tells for the first time the story of how he met and fell in love with Alejandro Sanz. It was in 2005, at the Cádiz Carnivals, where he was a town crier. There he presented the then The singer's manager , Rosa Lagarrigue, and they only greeted each other so as not to meet again until months later, since she began to conduct “her business at the office.” Afterwards they entered into a good work dynamic that led them to meet each other, to share the way of seeing life with a vision and a similar sense of humor, which made them fall in love. "I was attracted to everything about him in general," explains Perera. "I was won over by the sensitive and lively child that I had inside. intelligence. I got to enam pray to me even about their defects ", he assures, explaining that also person and character" cannot be separated. " On the first trip they made, she saw that he would be the man of her life.

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"It is not easy to be the wife of someone so prominent," she confesses, but also clarifies that "it is not easy to be a prominent star either." "I have always tried to know him and guess him, understand him and put myself in his place ... and it is not easy at all," he says. To talk about the end of his love, Perera compares it with nothing less than one of Rocío Jurado's great songs. "One day I felt a cold, dry crunch," he says. “I was out of his field of vision. I don't know if that was the cause or the effect. And that love is sometimes capricious ”. But in any case, he maintains that his life "as a family is unquestionable", although he does acknowledge that the divorce process "went awry at a time" and that he did not recognize Sanz then. In fact, for her "the judicial issue has been unnecessary" : "To be honest, I think our love story did not deserve an ending with judges." "I've had a bad time," she admits. "I tried to accept the situation as soon as possible. possible because the suffering lasts as long as it takes you to accept its existence. ”Something that was even harder when dealing with a public separation:“ It usually has an extra discomfort. But you do not suffer anymore [...] the pain does not have hierarchies ”.

She is blamed for being "too kind." Of him, he affirms, he will never understand “the forms”. “I missed a little love and care. Sometimes the how matters more than the what ”. The fact that Sanz quickly began a relationship with another person, Cuban artist Rachel Valdes, was something that also touched her. “Your self-esteem as a woman falters, yes. It is a moment where you feel hurt, "he acknowledges, also stating that" what should not feel affected at all is dignity. " “It seems that the woman loses her dignity when she accepts that the person she loves betrays her, or cheats on her, or leaves her, but, in my opinion, nothing further [...], it is something that has to do with that person . I have hugged after knowing that I had been betrayed and my dignity remained intact. Another thing is the wounds, sadness or disappointments, "she says, stating that for her" forgiveness is an attitude "and something that helped her begin a reconstruction" immediately ". “There have been days when I have wanted to hate, although the truth is that I could not do it, they have not taught me to hate. But I have felt a lot of anger in some moments and in that precise moment is where you have to stop and not allow the anger to dominate you and shoot at the other, but chew it alone ", he says, explaining that he has" cried and screamed alone "Now Perera assures that although" the romantic love is over, obviously "and she tried to stop loving Sanz, there is still" affection, an inevitable affection "with Alejandro Sanz. In addition, something that relieves her is knowing that her children" they have hardly felt pain or suffering "because they have continued to notice a feeling of both security and affection on their part. For this reason, he also made, he assures, the decision to move to Madrid, the city where he was born and grew up, and leave Miami, although From there he misses some friends. "I want them to be close to him. He is a father who tries hard to be and to be and adores his children. " "I feel a free and serene woman. I do not know if new but of somehow renewed ”, he says in Hello ! , where he explains that ne He needed to put an end to that relationship because in recent times the concept of divorce has become the center of his life. In addition, already fully involved in Sanz's professional projects, she never stopped working, with him or on her own projects. "I think we made a great team, but perhaps now from a distance it turned out that being an administrator and a proxy was more beneficial for the family and less for the family," she reflects. Among the lessons learned, she affirms, are her personal growth as a woman and that "in the couple, balance and equality are essential to grow in the same direction." "I have learned to love myself a lot and better," he says, explaining that he now sees the future "cloudless, clear, delicious." More than falling in love - "I don't see myself living with anyone, but I'm not closed to meeting someone who comes to contribute and join me," she says - now she wants to spend time with her children, family and friends "and have a good time, laugh a lot" . As explained in the report, who was the product manager and manager of Sanz's businesses since 2005 was clear with their separation that even if the marriage ended, the family they had formed would not. After trying to handle the divorce in the best possible way, a war was declared between the two for the singer's heritage and the custody of the children, but once Perera has been overcome, he says, reinforced from the process. Now she seeks to help other people who have gone through or are going through something equally painful and for this reason, as a psychologist by profession, she will be part of a free online platform not yet released to provide support to those who need it, in addition to telling her experiences through a blog. Perera shuts up for an answer when asked if he wants to clarify something about the millionaire divorce agreement. "I will only say that to reach an agreement you have to give in and normally the one with the least ego gives more," he says, addressing his already ex-husband in an obvious and not very positive way.

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