"Return to life": Juan Osorio returned to the recordings of his telenovela after defeating COVID-19


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With a photograph and a brief message, Juan Osorio shared that he has finally rejoined his work as a producer of the melodrama What's wrong with my family? , a project that will air soon through the Televisa signal. The director was happy that, after having successfully managed to cope with his coronavirus infection, he can now return to the front of the team he commands on television.

And it is that after his return to the forums on January 5, Juan Osorio had not gone to a location, but until this January 19 when he shared that he is already carrying out his work in spaces outside the recording sets of the San Ángel company . This is how the producer wrote on his Twitter account : “Banda, I share it with great joy, back to life, thank you very much. You are a great engine for What happens to my family?

The text is read at the bottom of an image where members of the production staff of the telenovela appear wearing face masks and keeping a safe distance in what appears to be the entrance of a sports store in a shopping center in Mexico City.

The image was answered by his followers, many of whom congratulated Osorio for having resumed his work routine and the followers of his son Emilio Osorio, who has an important role in the melodrama, were not lacking: "We already want to meet Lalo", multiple young women wrote to him wanting to hear about the character of Niurka's also son.

And it is that Emilio has also worried the public, because a few days ago he revealed his positive result for COVID-19, which is why he remains in confinement and under the care of his father . Fortunately, the symptoms of the 18-year-old have been minor, such as the loss of smell and taste, unlike the telenovela director, who according to his own words was on the verge of death.

It was in early December when The also producer of The house at the end of the street and Single with daughters informed his followers that he had been infected by the new coronavirus, and without giving further details he remained isolated. However, a few days later an audio was broadcast that alarmed the public , as Osorio is heard asking his production team with a broken voice to continue with the telenovela whatever happens.

A few days later the photograph in which the producer appears with an oxygen tank and communicates the seriousness of his situation. Before the end of the year, Osorio was able to celebrate that his health was remarkably restored:

“Banda, I thought I was thundering, but life gives me another chance, take good care of yourselves, this canyon, it's ugly, I love you a lot and what about me family ” , he wrote when it would only be enough for him to take the test again to make sure of his negative status and thus be able to rejoin the production of the long-awaited telenovela that will also feature the participation of Romina Marcos, the sister of his son Emilio, who remains in quarantine strict.

“I started to feel very bad, I felt chills, headache. I didn't let anyone in. When they give you the news of COVID, the first thing that comes to mind is death, ”he recently told journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda.

Juan Osorio admitted feeling fear and insecurity when returning to his usual jobs, but he has also stopped It is very clear that returning to your routine is a kind of therapy: "You still have fear, but you have to overcome those traumas and I believe that the best therapy is doing what I love," he revealed to the newspaper El Universal.

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