Sara Carbonero talks about Iker Casillas' heart attack: "It broke my soul"


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The year 2019 was a before and after in the life of a couple that until then seemed touched by the wand of good luck, the one formed by the goalkeeper Iker Casillas and the journalist Sara Carbonero. Both lived in Porto, where Casillas played for the city's team after his departure from Real Madrid and Carbonero continued his fashion business with his former partner, Isabel Jiménez, and had just resumed his work on television with a talk show For Mediaset, the one he worked for before his transfer to the Portuguese city

But on May 1, 2019, their lives turned upside down when the goalkeeper suffered a heart attack while training with his team, Porto FC. His wife, always discreet when it comes to her private life, has spoken sincerely about that moment in the Movistar documentary Hanging the wings , dedicated to her husband. “I was in Cádiz. I had been there for work for two days and we took the flight to Madrid as normal because I had to make a stopover of about 30 or 40 minutes to catch my plane to Porto ”, Carbonero said about that dramatic moment. It was a friend who was traveling with her who told her that her husband had suffered a heart attack .

“Ana left me sitting and five minutes after leaving the door she came back in and said: 'Be calm Sara, Iker has given a heart attack'. Thus ”, the journalist said excitedly, adding that at the moment of confusion and although she knew that her husband would not be able to pick up the phone, she tried to contact him. He also tried it with some members of his team, who also did not respond at first. “I called Sandro Pereira [Oporto FC's security chief] and he didn't answer either. Something very strange because Sandro always answers me ”, Carbonero recalls now. But his failed interlocutor was waiting for Iker Casillas to enter the operating room and it was he himself who gestured with his head so that he would not respond to his wife.

Iker Casillas during the presentation of the documentary series about him entitled 'Hang up the wings'. In video, trailer of 'Hang the wings'. PHOTO: EFE / VIDEO: MOVISTAR

“When I was about to get on the plane to Oporto, Iker called me,” says the journalist. “His voice was weak but it calmed me down. I don't know what else he told me, ”she recalls that stressful moment in which her husband was going through one of his worst moments and she was far away and without the possibility of being immediately by his side, receiving first-hand news about her state of health.

When Sara finally arrived in Porto and the hospital where Iker Casillas was found, she found a pessimistic atmosphere that filled her with fears and “broke her soul”, as she now confesses. Fortunately, the former goalkeeper has recovered from the incident although he has had to permanently hang up his boots and abandon the practice of the sport that has guided his life since he was a child, although football is still on his professional horizon.

Just three weeks after the day on which he Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack, Sara herself received the news that she was suffering from ovarian cancer and was undergoing emergency surgery. As he said then after the intervention the disease had been detected very early and was "calm and confident that everything will be fine." As predicted at that time, the journalist has had to go through months of struggle and treatment, but now she seems to have overcome the worst moments of the disease. Since last September, the couple have returned to live in Madrid, where both seem to want to settle permanently and find the professional and personal path that suffered an unexpected setback when a heart attack and cancer crossed their path. : Elpais

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