Sergio Mayer already had contact with the alleged victim of actor Ricardo “N”: “I gave him my appreciation for raising his voice”


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Actor Ricardo "N" has been under public scrutiny since he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his daughter, who was already contacted by federal deputy Sergio Mayer: "I gave him my appreciation for raising his voice."

Ricardo has participated in different entertainment projects throughout his artistic career and shared credits with the Mexican legislator, when they coincided in the ranks of Garibaldi.

Mayer commented that he already had contact with the affected teenager, who seeks to give a voice to other minors who have been attacked.

“I was with them yesterday. We talked a lot and I gave him my recognition and respect for having had the courage to make the complaint, to have raised his voice, because many times we remain silent because he is the father, because he is the uncle or the stepfather. This cannot continue, ”he said in an interview with Sale el sol.

The federal deputy advanced the plans that Ricardo's daughter “N” has: “He made the decision, he wants to be the spokesperson and he wants to publicize a citizen report number so that the girls and boys who are going through this can do complaints in a timely manner so that the full weight of the law falls on the people who commit abuse, ”he commented.

He stressed that the minor will participate in an awareness campaign in a few weeks and that will be when it formally pronounces on this case.

The public official said "surprised and disappointed" because his former partner in the nineties musical group is involved in this type of act, but assured that if he is guilty, he will ask for justice to be done.

"We cannot allow that these types of events continue to occur, we have to take care of and preserve the integrity of minors. All the weight of the law to whoever does this type of despicable acts and that definitely cannot continue to happen, ”he said bluntly.

The case of the actor and singer has captured media attention since it was announced last Monday, although it actually happened In the past week. His ex-partner filed a complaint against him with the Special Prosecutor for Sexual Crimes in December 2020, because he allegedly sexually abused his 14-year-old daughter.

The lurid details of the case have been revealed little by little due to the seriousness of the legal process involving a minor and because the actor of Control Z and El Dragón was already linked to the process, after a control judge examined the data provided by the agent of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City.

“After the initial hearing was qualified as legal the assurance of the individual, the social representative of the FGJCDMX made an accusation and the defense requested the duplicity of the constitutional term, ” reported in a statement the agency in charge of Ernestina Godoy.

The now accused must remain under informal preventive detention in the South Prison and three months were set for the closure of the complementary investigation.

The authorities capital cities reported during the last hours that the accused "for several years induced a minor to perform sexual acts and present posting pornographic content ”.

The journalist Carlos Jiménez shared some aspects of the investigation folder that he has already reviewed: “It is a very strong crime, in which you have to take care of the victim and who supports her, in this case her mother. According to what she denounces is that a violation was committed as such, this aggression did occur, according to what she denounces, and not just one but on different occasions and during different periods of time and in different places, there are details of some places ”, declared the communicator in an interview with the program De Primera Mano.

The actor broke the silence a few days ago and recalled that in his divorce proceedings, which occurred in 2017, no accusations were mentioned against him.

“Of course it is also known that my ex-wife, on behalf of my beloved daughter, has been the one who denounced these supposed and monstrous acts, and of those that are surely seen by me and by any person, father or mother of a family and public opinion, with astonishment, indignation, because they remove the intimate fibers of any human being ", he said it's a statement.

Since my arrest, the media have reported the actions of justice and have made public the charges against me and the process that led to my arrest, and up to this moment I have chosen not to make any statements in this regard, since I myself found myself surprised, paralyzed and astonished at the seriousness of the criminal charges that are attributed to me (…), but now putting the current situation in perspective I come to the conclusion and the moment of not keeping silent, ”he concluded without giving more details.


Ricardo “N” showed his face after the sexual abuse scandal and said he did not know the reasons why

was reported The lurid details of the complaint against Ricardo Crespo, the actor accused of raping his 14-year-old daughter

This is how they arrested Ricardo Crespo, the actor accused of sexual abuse of his daughter

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