Silvia Pinal again in controversy: received alleged worker's demand


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The first actress could be the victim of an extortion attempt (Photo: Quarter-job)

Actress Silvia Pinal could fall victim to possible extortion after an alleged former mpleado, named José Alomía Rosas, demanded a pension of up to 120,000 pesos of compensation. According to the applicant's representative, Mr. Alomía worked for the first actress for more than 15 years, however, various procedural errors and the quality of the document suggest that this is apocryphal.

The show program Ventaneando conacted to the supposed lawyer of Alomía, named Ulises González Reyes, with whom they had a telephone conversation to be able to review the reasons for the lawsuit. According to González Reyes, the lawsuit is a procedure for seeking compensation of between 120,000 to 150,000 pesos for support and compensation. The main reason would be that Mr. José Alomía is an elderly person so he needs financial support or "with some pantry". So he said:

According to the alleged lawyer, Mr. Alomía worked for more than 15 years for the actress, when she was just beginning her career (Photo: Fourth)

Given the express question of how much in specific they were requesting as "compensation", González Reyes said that between 120,000 to 150,000 pesos per month so that the life of Mr. Alomía, from whom she allegedly has a way of verifying that she had a working relationship with the actress, because she supposedly has a small photograph of the times of the beginnings of Pinal's career, where the actress and a cook appear.

Gradually, however, the lawyer began to enter into contradictions because he could not answer where the lawsuit had been brought, saying only that "was a small subpoena nothing else" introduced to the Attorney General's Office (FGR), which makes no sense since the Public Prosecutor's Office is not an instance of employment conciliation. He also said he had "personally" taken the document to Silvia Pinal's house at approximately five in the morning, but that no one opened him, so he simply "slid the document below the door":

Luis Enrique Guzmán said that no one recognizes Mr. Alomía or remembers anyone by that name (Photos: Instagram @laguzmanmx)

The document appears to be a poorly made photocopy that has the letterhead of the Attorney General's Office, but at the bottom is a court firm in Veracruz, which does not match the federal institution's communiqués.

Luis Enrique Guzmán, son of Silvia Pinal, replied that the situation is already being reviewed by the family's lawyers, but that neither she nor the rest of her family nor collaborators remember the assumption José Alomía:


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