Skiing in the snow, walks through exclusive stores and expensive outfits: this was the luxurious trip of Angelica Rivera and her daughters to Aspen


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His intention was to go unnoticed, but he did not succeed

This Christmas, Angélica Rivera and her daughters, Sofía, Fernanda and Regina Castro enjoyed a few days in the snow in Aspen, Colorado , and sparked the controversy over their luxurious trip, in the one who skied in the mountains, went shopping at exclusive stores, and wore expensive outfits, valued at up to 19,000 pesos.

In an interview with TV Notes , a source close to the family revealed that the former first lady of Mexico decided to organize a getaway to some secluded place to calm down after the stress of confinement, and she hoped they wouldn't recognize her under her masks and coats.

“He had a great time; She made this trip to get out of confinement and have fun with her daughters. He thought that in this place, which is far from the big cities, with the help of a mask and a lot of winter clothes he would go unnoticed, but he couldn't. ”

On its pages, the Mexican entertainment magazine published some photographs in which it appears the protagonist of Destilando Amor on Hyman Avenue, where there are several luxury stores. The images show that during the walk, La Gaviota covered her long blonde hair with a Balenciaga brand hat, which has a cost of 5,012 Mexican pesos.

She and her three daughters visited several places.

“They had a great time shopping, that they love so much; obviously they traveled with all the necessary care to avoid getting COVID-19, they enjoyed the snow, the landscapes and the designer stores a lot, "said the source to TV Notes .

They were accompanied on the trip by Sofía's boyfriend, Pablo Bernot . As confirmed by the magazine, La Gaviota is delighted that her daughter is happy, but asked her not to go too fast.

“Angélica loves to see all her daughters happy and she knows that Sofía is very much in love and excited about Pablo. They have already been dating for a year and four months and for her their relationship is like a fairy tale, "he explained.

" [Angelica] is a little worried about seeing her so nailed, she would not like to have her heart broken, she asks him to do not eat anxieties, it tells you that things will work out in good time. ”

Through her Instagram account, Sofía Castro shared some magical scenes of the trip, in which she appears with her sisters in the snow, or with her couple. And although at no time did he reveal where they were, he did show the expensive looks he used to ski.

An example is the suit that he wore with his partner, from the OOSC brand and with a price of about 6,785 Mexican pesos. Also, the outfit of blue, red and pink colors that he wears in a publication shared on January 4, of the Goldbergh firm, and that costs almost 20,000 pesos.

Another of the ski equipment, of the Snowroller brand and shades of pink and Gray, has a cost of 4,865 pesos, while the white technical boots that he used for several days are sold in the same brand for 2,700 pesos.

Fernanda and Regina also wore suits worth about 7,000 pesos, as well as Goldbergh brand cold jackets with a price of around 11 thousand pesos.

Although it could be thought that they were gifts that the firms made to the three sisters due to their popularity in social networks, the truth is that none of them labeled those companies in their publications, nor did they announce any collaboration.

According to TV Notes magazine, the family would have spent more than two million pesos on their luxurious trip, a figure that sparked controversy over the ostentatious lifestyle they lead The former first lady

The person who spoke to the magazine, from Angélica Rivera's close circle, explained that the actress is looking forward to returning to the filming sets, but she knows that each news of her carries a wave of criticism, and wants to clean up her image and leave behind the scandals she starred in as first lady, when she was the wife of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

“She is very afraid of the reaction of the people and that they will not accept or criticize her. She only hopes that with all this of the pandemic and with the new government, it will stop being negatively targeted; To return, clean up its image and turn to win the affection of the public, but people do not quickly forget the scandals in which he became involved when she was first lady "detalló.

Source: Infobae

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