"Spread your wings and get ready to fly": Yolanda Andrade's heartfelt farewell after the surprise death of her half brother


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The actress and host, Yolanda Andrade, published a heartfelt message to say goodbye to her half brother , who was found lifeless yesterday morning at his home located in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Last Wednesday the death of Rolando Andrade Almada , who was the half brother of Montse and Joe's Mexican presenter. The 38-year-old man was found with various firearm injuries in the chest area, for which an investigation folder was immediately opened and the corresponding investigations began.

It was Marilé Andrade, Yolanda's direct sister, who explained that Neither of them had a close relationship with Andrade Almada.

But despite this, the 48-year-old presenter did send a heartfelt message to say goodbye to her half-brother Rolando through her Instagram account.

Yolanda Andrade shared two images referring to the death of your relative. In the first, she shared a candle next to a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe and in the next she appeared accompanied precisely by Rolando Andrade Almada, when both were still very young.

"Amen", wrote the famous host next to this last snapshot, which also set the music with Mariah Carey's song called Butterfly .

The fragment of the song that is heard at the bottom of the publication is: "Spread your wings and prepare to fly (Spread your wings and get ready to fly).

This was the heartfelt farewell that Yolanda dedicated to her half-brother Rolando Andrade Almada, although until now she has not made a public statement about the sad event.

Who did speak was Marilé Andrade Yolanda's direct sister and half-sister of the victim. The singer-songwriter and host mentioned that the death generated great confusion, even among her family, since it was first speculated that the deceased had been Rolando Andrade Gómez, but finally it was confirmed that Rolando Andrade Almada died at his home last Wednesday morning. “The news reached us by WhatsApp, everywhere ... the truth is that I would like to clarify that he is my half brother, and that I am very, very sorry for the loss, we send our condolences to his family. Obviously this is news that impacts everyone but clarify that we had no relationship with this boy. I think I saw him twice in my life, so we didn't have a close relationship at all. In any case, our condolences to his family ”, he declared in an interview with the program Venga la Alegría.

Marilé herself wanted to mark distance in relation to what happened and clarified that she received various messages lamenting the death of Rolando, but from her direct brother and not from Rolando Andrade Almada, and she even saw some related images circulating on social networks with her direct brother, so she had to go out to deny those versions.

I have received many messages giving me condolences for my brother Rolando and his photo is circulating on social networks, in press releases, in the news media And it hurts me because it causes tremendous confusion (…) Note that we are Andrade Gómez and they are Andrade Almada (…) The truth is that they are three other brothers among them and we have nothing to do with each other, ”he added.

Rolando Andrade Almada He was found with several gunshot wounds to the chest at his home in Culiacán, Sinaloa; According to the first reports, neighbors reported to 911 the detonations made from the house around 09:00 hours last Wednesday.

When the authorities entered the house, they found Rolando's body in one of the rooms, as well as a .38 caliber firearm. So far the authorities have not ruled on the matter, nor have they explained whether they are investigating this case as a suicide or homicide.

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