Steven Spielberg, threatened with death by a woman


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Steven Spielberg has obtained a restraining order against a woman who has threatened him with death on several occasions, according to the filmmaker himself and TMZ reveals . Spielberg filed the lawsuit against Sarah Char, who has been harassing him for months by sending him messages on social networks and coercing him.

In the documents obtained by the American portal, the director of hits such as Jurassic Park , Jaws or Schindler's List , 73, says police found that Sarah Char, the woman in question, recently tried to buy a gun. Additionally, according to agents, Char has previously been arrested for criminal threats, harassment and stalking. “If I have to personally murder for stealing my IPs, I will. Do you understand? ”, The woman told him on Twitter in one of the messages she sent the filmmaker.

According to TMZ , the producer also claims to fear for his life and to feel concerned for his safety and that of his family. After filing the complaint, Spielberg quickly obtained a temporary restraining order that prevents Char from being within 100 yards (about 90 meters) of him, his wife and their children , as well as trying to communicate with him.

This situation comes in a year in which Spielberg has experienced the revelation of one of his daughters, Mikaela, 24 years old and adopted in 1996 a month after she was born, of wanting to dedicate herself professionally to porn . Last February, Mikaela Spielberg exclusively told The Sun newspaper that she is "a sexual animal" and that she decided to make a financial profit from herself. “The truth is that I got tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and being told that I had to hate my body. I also got sick of working day after day in a way that didn't satisfy my soul. I wanted to do this kind of work, satisfy other people. It's something that makes me feel good because I don't feel violated, ”she said.

The young woman also explained that she had already communicated her decision to be a porn actress and stripper to her parents by videoconference, since she has lived in Nashville , Tennessee for five years. , away from Hollywood. According to her, Spielberg and his wife of three decades, actress Kate Capshaw , have been "intrigued, but not angry" by her decision. Mikaela felt a bit nervous when it came to telling him about it, but her support has not taken her by surprise: “For them, the priority has always been my safety.”

Just a few weeks after that interview, Mikaela was arrested on charges of domestic violence . Spielberg's most controversial daughter was released after spending 12 hours at the Hill Detention Center in Nashville. Faced with this news, Mikaela's fiancé, Chuck Pankow, reacted by sending a statement to Fox News in which he downplayed the situation. In its text, it assured that the reason for the arrest had been "a misunderstanding" and emphasized that no one was injured. The girl's boyfriend, who is 47 years old, added that no one was injured and that Mikaela is well.

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