Tamara Falco, a kiss with a mask and other evidence that confirms her relationship with Inigo Onieva


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Tamara Falcó has reached the age of 39, which she turned last November 20, opening a new life. The only daughter of the marriage formed by Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó officially becomes Duchess this Wednesday. And this day his relationship with Íñigo Onieva is also confirmed. That they are together is demonstrated by kisses, dinners, outings, walks and a series of clues that are already more than obvious. The most recent are some photographs of the brand new marchioness kissing the young man, 31, both wearing a mask, which the magazine Hello! Clutched tightly, he dressed in blue and gray and she in white, the couple holds on and kisses despite wearing the masks, something that has already caused comments and jokes on social networks. But it is not the only one: Semana also publishes a video of the couple in a restaurant, together with another couple of friends, in which both are caramelized, affectionate and where Falcó constantly rests his head on the shoulder of his current partner. His constant kisses and cuddles become an object of ridicule for his friends, who at one point frame the couple with a heart made with their hands.

Until now, Falcó had been seen walking affectionately with Onieva, but without kisses in the middle. Now there are several images of the two holding each other, having coffee together while walking along the Paseo del Prado in Madrid and kissing. As explained by Hello !, which has first-hand information as it is closely linked to the Preysler clan, the romance has been going on for several months, so much so that Isabel Preysler already knows the young man, and he was in fact present at the birthday celebration that the Marquesa de Griñón organized last Thursday 19 when he left his weekly job in El Hormiguero, in addition to celebrating with several friends on Sunday 22 at the brand new restaurant that chef Dani García has opened in Madrid, at the Four Seasons hotel and back to get together on Monday, from where there are again more photographs of both hugging and kissing, this time with her wearing a mask and he without wearing it.

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Precisely that publication also offers an interview with Falcó on the occasion of his birthday and of obtaining his title. However, it seems that it was done before learning about Falcó's relationship with his partner, because there is not a word about it. "This year has been hard, but I am at peace," says Tamara, who last March lost her father to the coronavirus.

In the talk, the television collaborator affirms that the marquise is the most special gift she has received , something that makes him "very excited." For Christmas, although she still does not know how she will spend it as it will depend on the restrictions, she assures that she will ask for "health for the whole family", stating that she is "very grateful to God" for her personal and work achievements. In addition, he assures that he always follows his mother's advice, especially in matters of style, and that he is happy to be an inspiration even though his image "is all a job with a great team." Of course, about their relationship, not a word, beyond laughing when asked about love.

On the other hand, on the other hand, Semana affirms that at 39 years old and after living a season in the central Opera area, in Madrid, Falcó thinks again about becoming independent. Her triumph on Masterchef Celebrity , her collaborations on TVE and El Hormiguero and her upcoming participation in another Atresmedia contest, El Desafío, have made her become a popular character beyond the eternal shadow of her mother and become a significant media character . In addition, all this has also endowed her with financial independence, something that has probably been helped by her father's inheritance, the terms of which are unknown. Hence, the young woman considers getting a flat in the capital, but this time further from the center and closer to the house that her mother shares with the writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

The relationship between Onieva and Falcó began through Álvaro Falcó, Tamara's cousin, son of the recently deceased Marquis de Cubas and one of Onieva's best friends, and his partner, Isabelle Junot. At 31 years old, Íñigo Onieva is a lover of motorsport and design, he has studied in Madrid, Turin and London.

After working for the car company SEAT, for three years, Onieva has been employed for three years as a car designer at the Italian car and coach construction company Zagato , based in Milan, although he is now based in Madrid together with his mother. His sister is actress Alejandra Onieva, known for her roles in series such as Alta mar or El Secreto de Puente Viejo and who in turn is dating fellow American actor Sebastian Stan , known for his role in Captain America.

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