Thalia's most honest TikTok: she was vulnerable and revealed what her insecurities are


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Video: Thalía / Tiktok

Thalía was more vulnerable than ever and uncovered the things that have affected her emotional stability, although in a funny way she also made it clear that she has never tried to change her personality or stopped doing something for the opinions of others.

The Mexican singer used an audio from TikTok to reveal some behaviors that have affected or hurt her feelings.

In almost a minute, Thalía confessed that she has cried herself to sleep, has been criticized physically and has even felt insufficient, but in a comical way she clarified that there are two points that can never affect her: the perception that others have of her and the comparisons with other people.

The actress and singer accompanied this audiovisual with the phrase “¡¡¡Cero dramitas !!!!”, with which she made reference to the fact that she has suffered, but not as much as she thought.

“You I give 10 points, you win if you keep them ”, begins the audio that Thalía used to make these kinds of confessions.

Thalía lost the points because she has received criticism for her way of being, for her physique and her tastes, she came to think that she is insufficient, she was ignored when she told something that moved her, she cried herself to sleep, they downplayed her problems and although she doubted a bit, on one occasion she was afraid to express herself to what they would say.

But Thalía was frank and even denied with a sign that she never tried to change something for someone else and she has not compared herself to anyone else.

This audio and video is part of a viral challenge on TikTok that was launched by user Ricardo Urquidez, who has been followed by more than one Internet user on this platform.


's confessions During the last weeks the singer has been sincere in the series transmitted by Facebook Watch, Latin Music Queens, which stars with the singers Farina and Sofía Reyes.

In the second episode of this project, he said that his first song as a soloist, Un pacto entre los dos, was rejected because They considered it masochistic and dark for the time.

"They banned a song for me, my first song as a soloist that was 'sadomasochistic' and 'super dark', they didn't play it on the radio," he said about the launch of the song he had. great success despite the criticism she received within the medium.

And in the third chapter she revealed that the death of her father triggered an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that forces her to keep everything in order and under strict cleaning.

“She (her mother) told me: 'Give your dad a kiss to make him feel good.' And I gave him the kiss and when I left the machines went crazy ... He died, I felt that my love, my kiss had killed him. That's too much for a girl of six years , "he said to his seguidores.

Thalía said that the death of her father took her to suffering a few weeks ago trastorno

also shared how was your experience now that could go do some shopping, then that she was confined for several months due to the coronavirus health crisis that still afflicts everyone.

“Look at nothing more than months ago, since all this started, I didn't go out to a mall, to stores, right? The experience is so strange since you arrived, right? And then you go looking for parking and you grab the ticket and (listen): 'We remind them to wear their masks. Keep your distance '", began his story.

" Wow, it is very impressive to face this new way of life , this challenge of humanity where we all have to protect each other, but I did feel like a what the world was like before versus what we are experiencing ”, added the former star of Mexican soap operas.

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