"That's why we are as we are": Daniel Bisogno and his harsh comments against Yalitza Aparicio as host of the Latin Grammy


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After several days ago it was announced that Yalitza Aparicio would be part of the team of conductors who present the segments and shortlists of nominees in the award ceremony of the Latin Grammy 2020, which take place this Thursday night, The public of the Mexican actress turned to praise and congratulations for the distinction of the one who began her film career in the multi-award-winning film by Alfonso Cuarón Roma .

And although many saw it as another achievement in her career, which adds to important recognitions Like his Oscar nomination for the film and his subsequent international projects , such as his role as an anti-discrimination columnist in The New York Times and the hiring of his image to promote luxury brands, there was someone who did not quite like the news .

Daniel Bisogno, host of Ventaneando, made evident his annoyance during the program , criticizing that the actress from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, perform a job "for which it is not made."

The driver was blunt and at the beginning of the broadcast he assured that "Yalitza is not a driver" , thus showing his obvious annoyance. But that was not all, because later he delved into the reason why, in his opinion, the awards organization failed to contemplate the star behind the character of Cleo at the gala that awards the most outstanding of Latin music recorded .

Later in the broadcast Bisogno threw himself hard against Yali , as his friends and followers affectionately call him. And it is that when presenting a capsule where Aparicio talks about his preparation for this important event and how he received the invitation to the gala that will be seen internationally, Daniel was dismissive against her and the artists who would accompany her at the ceremony : the singer Carlos Rivera -who canceled his participation at the last minute so as not to expose his companions to a possible contagion of COVID-19-, and the actress Ana Brenda Contreras.

This is what the commentator of shows said firmly: “They are not drivers, none of the three, nor Yalitza Aparicio. ”

However, he was not the only one to point out the alleged mistake of the Latin Grammy production by choosing figures who have never led an event , since Pati Chapoy supported his opinion and expressed: "They believe that anyone can do someone else's work, that anyone can be a driver," said the head of the TV Aztec stellar entertainment program. to.

The situation did not stop there, because Daniel Bisogno took the microphones again to emphasize that if Yalitza's talent is to be an actress, it is better for her to dedicate herself to acting and leave the job of conducting to those who already have previous experience for it:

" That is why we are as we are, shoemaker to your shoes. If Yalitza was nominated for best actress for an Oscar, let her act. It is not about whether you are bad or not, it is that you are not a driver ”, he finished.

As announced in recent days, Yalitza Aparicio would share the stage and conduct the event with Ana Brenda Contreras and Carlos Rivera, in what would be a triad of Mexican presenters in the American musical event.

However, the latter canceled its participation in the last hours due to the fact that a person from its production team tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, so instead it is performing at the ceremony attended by figures such as Chiquis Rivera, Natalia Jiménez, Karol G, Ricardo Montaner and Sebastián Yatra, the American salsa singer and romantic ballad Víctor Manuelle.

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