"The bacteria took over his whole body": Jerry Demara's son revealed that his father "suffered a lot" his last days


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This Monday news was released that shocked the world of Latin music, as the Mexican regional singer Jerry Demara lost his life at age 42 at the Pioneers Memorial Hospital in California after having suffered the infection of a bacterium and severe pain in the body , particularly in the buttocks and legs, derived from the application of three vitamin injections to strengthen his health

The singer born in Mexicali, remembered for his participation in the program La Voz México , and for his successes in the genre that led him to collaborate with great figures and to the Latin Grammy nomination in 2018, he made a live broadcast before his death, where he denounced the negligence of the medical personnel who treated him at the hospital in the city of El Centro, California .

After the harsh news that artists such as Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Méndez, Alejandra Guzmán, El Chapo de Sinaloa, Recoditos, Los Tigres del Norte and Paulina Rubio, his son , lamented He narrated details of the unfortunate situation that led to the death of the singer-songwriter . Gerardo Demara Junior said that his father suffered from the infection of a bacterium that entered his body through the intravenous route, at the time of being supplied with vitamin B12 in an effort to cope with what he believed were symptoms of COVID-19.

The 20-year-old, who is also a musician and singer and has begun his artistic career, gave a talk for the program Gossip No Like where he narrated the torture suffered by his father:

“A few days before all this began, that we sent him to the hospital, he woke up with symptoms of COVID, a little headache, fever, something very mild there, so my mother had seen that they highly recommended injecting vitamin B12, which they recommend for COVID, They had even put it on before because they had to go on a trip and they put it on before the trip . My mom still had some left, and they put it on my dad to protect him, and thank God he had no symptoms of COVID, no cough, no fever, all very well, nothing more than the next day at night, in the butt where the injection was given began to feel pain. By eleven o'clock at night the pain was so great that he was almost fainting, "he began to relate in a video call.

" First they took him to El Centro, it is close to the border with Mexicali, the city of El Centro , California . He was there for three hours and they had him outside, in the tents where people who had COVID were, with immense pain, "he continued.

And it is that in that hospital center the care was not timely and they kept him isolated in a tent with people who presented symptoms related to the coronavirus disease, downplaying the pain that Jerry presented and for which he went to the hospital. It was then that he asked his now widow to transfer him to another hospital:

“Mom started to despair because they denied her water, they are bad people. He took him to Brawley's, and thank God as soon as he arrived they treated him very quickly and then there he felt a little better because they began to give him medicine for the pain, but it was still impressive, like never in his life . Unfortunately, he suffered a lot in his last days, and they diagnosed him with this terrible disease ... which is a bacteria that begins to eat the skin, the muscle, is what it gave him, that bacterium arises when his immune system is very low in defenses, then my dad had to suffer from gacha because apart from the fact that his body was fighting against COVID, even though he had no symptoms, it means that his immune system was doing enough so that he did not give him any symptoms, so that's why the bacteria took over his entire body , ”said the young man with an air of sadness.

Gerardo Junior said that his father went into surgery to have pieces of skin removed from his leg and muscle tissue, which was very affected due to the aggressive attack , which, according to a doctor, was due to an unfortunate situation in which the bacteria entered his system at the time of being injected.

“There is no antibiotic to kill that bacterium, it is literal mind go in and cut the skin. He had two surgeries, the second was much more complicated, he had more incisions, the problem is that he had to be sedated and asleep, because his wounds were open because the doctors were constantly checking the wounds to prevent the bacteria from spreading further "

It affected other organs, his kidneys began to fail, he had to undergo dialysis to clean out the toxins that his kidneys could not remove. When he was on dialysis he had problems with blood pressure and unfortunately he went into cardiac arrest, from then on they were trying to make him more stable, it went away like five times, the point reached where unfortunately there was nothing more to do

The son of the singer-songwriter stressed that in these situations "time is crucial", so he questioned that the hours lost in the first hospital, the one in the city of El Centro, where they did not provide "nor water", would have been saving his father's life.

“We regret that they lost us three hours in El Centro, they never bothered to do a study on him. They just sent him to where the people with COVID symptoms were ” . Gerardo stressed that he still does not know if the family is going to proceed legally due to medical negligence, since they have not had "the head" to process the unfortunate death or to think about other issues.

"Actually, taking legal action is something that we have not done. Thought very well, since everything is very recent, we have other pending things such as my father's services. ”

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