The battle of the youtubers against Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Azteca: Elisa Beristain, Jorge Carbajal and more accused attacks


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Journalists from digital platforms such as YouTube denounced the abuses they suffer at the hands of their fellow press on television stations, specifically Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Pati Chapoy.

And it is that the reporters Elisa Beristain, Javier Ceriani, Jorge Carbajal, Angélica Palacios and "Filip" disclosed various grievances to which they have been subjected by the media and journalists such as Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Pati Chapoy , who would have disputed certain information as their own even though the media on YouTube were the ones who claimed to have the content first.

It was through a live transmission through the platforms "Productora 69", "Chisme No Like" and the channels "Angélica Palacios Real" and "Let it be Here!", That the aforementioned journalists denounced the abuses before the which have to be submitted, such as legal processes and investigations from the content platforms in which they work and that are not monetized, which causes them problems to find financing with the fruits of their work.

In that transmission, they reported attacks of journalists who belong to television stations such as Grupo Imagen Televisión, specifically, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who participates with the De Primera Mano program and on TV Azteca, with Pati Chapoy from the Ventaneando program , of which they have received various attacks and even adjectives that threaten their physicality and sexuality and that could be classified as discriminatory. For this reason, the journalists of these platforms raised their voices and said that sometimes the television stations have made complaints or claimed material that they take from their work to be able to mark it as their own and then claim that content from the original creators, so Their videos end up being demonetized and they lose their income temporarily while the investigations are carried out.

Likewise, Angélica Palacios denounced that her channel was blocked by a request from a television station team and that she had to open another channel in order to report the act, which made him lose the monetization of his past content until both were reactivated.

As an example, journalists showed the content of a publication made by Laura Flores, the producer of the program De Primera Mano , in which she accused Angélica Palacios of making a broadcast in which she uses content that supposedly comes from that program and in which claimed they claimed the content.

This is what the journalists of the virtual platforms said with statements, specifically Angélica Palacios:

She (Laura Flores) publicly noted that she was the one who censored my channel so that it had no followers, and you know that I am very sensitive and discreet with the information. And today I tell the public that we are partners, that if today I receive the invitation of Elisa Beristain, Javier Ceriani, the support of Jorgito and Filip, it is because today we are setting the tone on YouTube in the genre of Shows

Angélica Palacios denounced and said that she had never appropriated said content and that she had not put a brand on that material, to later make reference that the media have used, without giving credits, their content to make material for your programs:

You, Elisa, mainly you, you have to know how many times they have used Jorgito's comments as a reference or Ceriani's investigations, to fill in their television programs. And now she says that we are the ones who are penalized because she is backed by a brand called 'Grupo Imagen'. In Mexico, there is respect for the amount of content

Javier Ceriani denounced that on November 19, 2020, Pati Chapoy retweeted information related to the case of Eleazar “N”, specifically reporting her alleged freedom, however this was just a rumor that spread the premium of the actor and did not materialize. Chapoy tagged this tweet with the phrase "False, not true." This is what Ceriani said:

It caught my attention, because she never does that kind of thing, her entourage does it. But she herself taking care of that, and how good that she is following us and that she checks the information

Elisa Beristain recalled the stage in which Chapoy had problems with Televisa due to the content, where an arrest warrant was ordered against him and that he had the support of Benjamín Salinas Pliego to escape from said order until an amparo was obtained. Subsequently, that claim managed to adjust the legislation for the use of crestomaties and media content for educational purposes for a limited time. The journalist also denounced that in one of Gustavo Adolfo Infante's videos, he called them “thieves” and began to verbally attack them.

The journalist Jorge Carbajal denounced that one of the reporters who sent a news event had captured content along with other media, however one of the colleagues who belongs to a large television station asked him to please lend him the content because he had not had time to capture it, which the reporter from "Productora 69" accepted in good faith.

Subsequently, the The television station to which the reporter who requested the favor belonged marked the content as their own and therefore TV Azteca denounced the copyright to the true owner, "Productora 69", so their channel was blocked and they could not monetize their content. The confusion was later cleared up, but not before there were confrontations between the legal team of both parties.

What was experienced here was with the program 'Venga la Alegría' and it was something very similar and it is not worth it. It turns out that my reporter lends him a material from the court of Ninel Conde. They occupy the material that is ours and it turns out that when I put it out on my program they report it to me because it turns out that I am grabbing material that is theirs and it turns out that YouTube totally blocks me and takes away the monetization. Of the three channels, not of one, of the three channels

According to Jorge, this escalated so much that it reached the legal level of Televisión Azteca “and therefore, hours after I made it public, they removed the claim and YouTube returned everything that was mine”. The journalist assured that this has come very far and that in the end we all share the truth: “ Look, it doesn't matter if in the end we have to borrow material, nothing happens if I comment on a material by you, by Angélica, by Venga La Alegría . I think that before television was about that, "he concluded.

asserted that when they started and someone from a media outlet took up a material from them, it was a compliment, "but if we take material from them, we are stealing." Carbajal said.

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