The change of registry of Queen Letizia


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The Queen of Spain is praised all over the world for her outfits, something she likes but distracts attention from her institutional role. Opinions about her work are minimized by the judgment she undergoes every day in her closet. In times of pandemic, Letizia Ortiz wanted to make the most of the expectation that her wardrobe arouses to turn it into a symbol that something has changed in these turbulent times. The premieres of suits by great couturiers have ended, as well as the incorporation of low cost pieces . It is not the time to distract but rather to focus on the content of his official agenda.

The absence for almost two weeks of the King for having been in contact with a person affected by coronavirus has allowed the Queen to change his registry even more. During this time, which ends this Thursday, the day that Don Felipe resumes his presence in the palace of El Pardo, she has been in charge of representing the Crown, not as a substitute, she has clarified the palace of La Zarzuela, if not with its own prominence. The Queen has participated numerous times in events that she presides, usually on social issues, but until now she had not done so on behalf of the Monarch. In these days when Don Felipe has had to isolate himself at his residence and work from his office without establishing contacts, Doña Letizia has met with businessmen, members of the public order forces and representatives of the world of culture and has demonstrated her professional profile as queen of the XXI century. In Valencia, for example, during the awards ceremony, Rei Jaume I gave a speech in Valencian, with a different accent from Catalan that surprised those present.

The Queen has always prepared her speeches but she likes to improvise and the occasion is rare. in which you do not enter something at the last minute. When he speaks, he usually uses some notes that he has written on his mobile phone. Her years as a journalist and presenter of the Spanish Television news program have provided her with decisive ease to face these appearances. Doña Letizia knew some English when she married the then Prince of Asturias in 2004 but in a few months she perfected her knowledge and now she speaks it fluently. In these years he has studied French and has dared on occasion to speak some German in public. But it is the languages of the Spanish State that concentrate his dedication. Both she and her daughters study them. Leonor has already been heard speaking Catalan with great fluency both from a podium and in conversations held during some official events

Since the pandemic began, the influence of Doña Letizia has been noticed in the work that has been carried out in the palace from La Zarzuela. She was one of the promoters of the videoconference meetings that were held during the months of isolation in which she wanted Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía to be present on occasion. A method of communication and work that was then followed by representatives of other European royal houses: from Elizabeth II to the kings of the Netherlands

It was also Queen Letizia who encouraged her daughters to send a message through a video to the youngest the days when the pandemic reached its highest levels of victims

The year 2020 has also been that of Princess Eleanor. Her mother has given her part of the leading role to strengthen her role as heir. In monarchies, gestures are sometimes more important than announcements. One of them has been how the protocol has already decided to place the princess next to her father, leaving the infanta Sofía next to her mother. Until then the two girls were always located next to the Queen who was in charge of following the protocol to the letter. At 15 years of age, Leonor is a teenager who knows her role and her destiny.

This Thursday the King reappears in an act at the Palacio del Pardo in an ordinary session of the Board of the Carolina Foundation. The Queen will attend the opening of the exhibition Rafael en Palacio: Tapestries for Felipe II and then to the Royal Spanish Academy for a working meeting of the Fundación del Español Urgente FundéuRAE.

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