The children of Spike Lee, image of a new generation to vindicate African Americans


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The Hollywood sagas are already a classic. From families of actors or directors, artist children usually come to the world that they knew through their parents and try to make their way in it with more or less success. The last edition of the Golden Globes, which was held online because of the pandemic last Sunday night, has discovered the two sons of the filmmaker Spike Lee to whom the organization of the prestigious awards that are the prelude to the Oscar has appointed his ambassadors this year. Jackson Lewis Lee and Satchel Lee were the first black brothers selected to represent the “next generation of Hollywood”, a way to somehow compensate for the low presence of black actors and directors that still exists in the main awards of the world of cinema.

Spike Lee , was born in Atlanta, Georgia 63 years ago, and is really called Shelton Jackson Lee. The name by which it is known comes from the nickname that its mother gave it for its rebellious and somewhat petulant character, since spike means in English spike, needle, nail ..., an object that in any case pierces or drills until it is made uncomfortable or useful, depending on the case. Lee has made his film career a tribute to this nickname because since art entered his life through his parents - he played music at home and she took him to see plays and musicals - and he collided with it. Racism when he wanted to join the Boy Scouts as a child and was prevented by his skin color, his interest in racial conflict has not ceased to be present in his work and in his day to day

During his high school studies he ran into with Alex Haley's book The Autobiography of Malcom X, a character who marked him for the remains and who years later became the protagonist of one of his films, Malcom X. Raised in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn He has a reputation for telling unwanted truths and signing many film titles that have portrayed racism, poverty, the world of drugs, and crime that many African Americans face in the United States. Although he has made many other films valued by critics, A bad move (1998) or Hidden Plan (2006), sometimes the defense of these ideas has pigeonholed him but as his children have now explained “when he made films of little success, he never he would get discouraged, he would just move on to his next project. ”

The same year that some sectors have criticized that his film Da 5 bloods : Brothers of blood –a drama by veterans of the Vietnam War in which black actors like Michaela Coel take part– has not been valued, their children have been chosen as the first pair of black brothers to become ambassadors for the Golden Globes . A figure who in 2017 replaced what was previously known as Miss Golden Globe , and who was a famous - usually the son of the Hollywood elite and possible member of a new generation of future stars in the world of cinema - who helps the Presenters during the ceremony and raises awareness of a philanthropic cause of their choice to which they donate $ 25,000 (about 20,700 euros) from the awards organization

Jackson Lewis Lee and Satchel Lee are unlikely to be chosen It was a coincidence at a time when diversity and the struggle to achieve a greater presence of black stars in film productions and nominations is a constant. But it is also a reality that both brothers, as a result of the director's marriage to the film and television producer Tonya Lewis (54 years old), gather in their short history characteristics that make them representative figures of diversity values that interest the world in the one that moves their father and themselves.

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Satchel Lee, the oldest of the siblings, is 26 years old, and in addition to being black, she is the first openly queer awards ambassador. She studied film and television at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and was the creative director of Drome magazine, which she defined as focused on " queer fashion, art and culture." “I am a photographer, filmmaker, writer, creative director and producer. I want to be the one of this generation ”, she has said about herself referring to the famous American writer considered one of the pioneers of modernist literature. His donation received from the Golden Globes has gone to Callen-Lorde, an organization located in New York that is responsible for providing medical care to the LGTBIQ community regardless of their economic possibilities to access health. As an ambassador for the awards granted on Sunday, she has participated in virtual sessions in which she has spoken about how the power of personal storytelling can change policy.

One of Satchel Lee's concerns is precisely to bring healthcare to those who cannot access it and especially those who have faced discrimination. “Everyone knows that going to the doctor can be scary,” he said, “but it is even more so when doctors don't even understand what you are trying to tell them or make assumptions about you as a person due to your orientation or gender presentation. ”. And he made it clear what his city was when he said: “I am not a Hollywood person. It's nice to visit Los Angeles, but my home is New York. ”

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His 23-year-old brother Jackson Lewis Lee also studied film and television at New York University, where his father is a full professor. He has directed a short film, Thompson Farm , and co-wrote another short video for the fashion brand Coach, called Words Matter, featuring his father, sister, and even Michael B. Jordan. He has recently founded the creative agency Indigo212 and among his interests is helping disadvantaged people to improve their situation by facilitating access to training of various kinds.

The $ 25,000 that he had to donate has been allocated to the non-profit organization Big Brothers Big Sisters, an entity that it has also put in contact with the Gucci firm so that the young people to whom they are directed can apply for the scholarships that the fashion firm allocates to be able to study in fashion schools and access the industry.

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