The Duke of Edinburgh, transferred to another London hospital now for a heart ailment


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The Duke of Edinburgh has been transferred this Monday by ambulance to St Bartholomew Hospital, in London, to undergo tests and be under observation for a "pre-existing heart condition." All this after being admitted two weeks ago to King Edward VII Hospital for an infection. What was going to be, according to spokesmen for Buckingham Palace, a brief and precautionary stay is getting complicated as the days go by. The 99-year-old husband of Elizabeth II, has received only the visit of his son Carlos during this time since the pandemic forces relatives not to have contact with patients.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace has been in charge of break the news: “The Duke of Edinburgh was transferred today from King Edward VII Hospital to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, where doctors will continue to treat him for an infection, in addition to testing and observing a pre-existing disease for his heart problems. The duke feels comfortable and responds to treatment, but is expected to remain in the hospital at least until the end of the week. ”

The medical center to which Elizabeth II's husband has been transferred has the largest specialized cardiovascular service in Europe, the Barts Health Center, which also has a “worldwide reputation for treating common and rare cancers,” according to the hospital.

Born in Greece in 1921 (although in exile since his youth), the Duke will be 100 next June 10, a date for which the institution is already preparing a special celebration, despite the fact that he decided to retire from public life after decades of service in August 2017.

Prince Felipe has enjoyed excellent health and still maintains an active lifestyle. But in recent years he has struggled with some ailments. In December 2011, he spent four days in the hospital after suffering chest pain for which he underwent surgery on a blocked coronary artery. In June 2012, he remained in hospital for a urinary infection for six days. In June 2013, he underwent abdominal surgery for an undisclosed condition that led to an 11-day hospital stay. In June 2017, he returned to a medical center as a precautionary measure for an infection derived from a pre-existing condition. In April 2018, he underwent a hip surgery. And in December 2019 he received treatment at King Edward Hospital in London again for a “pre-existing condition.”

In recent days it has transpired that the Duke of Edinburgh is very upset by the decision of his grandson Enrique to permanently withdraw from the Royal family. Philip of Edinburgh has gone to great lengths to try to understand exactly why the young couple of Harry and Meghan, who apparently had everything on their side, would want to exchange their privileged life for a more ordinary existence. This is how Ingrid Seward, a biographer who has written books about various members of the Windsors, has explained it: “He has suffered a lot, for example, from what he sees as an abandonment by his grandson Enrique of his tasks, because he left his homeland and everything he loved for a selfish and famous life in America. It has been very difficult for her to understand exactly what it was that made her grandson's life so unbearable. As far as Felipe knows, the marriage had it all: a perfect house, a healthy son and a unique opportunity to achieve a huge global impact with their solidarity tasks. ”

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