The edited photo of Jose Luis Rodriguez the "Puma" with Jennifer Lopez that caused controversy


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José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” shared an image that soon generated more than one reaction. The Venezuelan singer published a photomontage in which he appears next to the singer Jennifer López during the inauguration of the new US president, Joe Biden.

"El Puma" intervened the image of the singer and placed her face on that of the man who escorted her during the presidential event, so we saw the Venezuelan artist carry the "Diva del Bronx" by the arm, while she was photographed by the press.

“Proud, Jennifer López, God bless America,” Rodríguez wrote from his official Instagram account to celebrate the presentation of the also actress and show support for the arrival of the Democrat to the White House, something that for him and many inhabitants Americans means a new opportunity for the nation.

José Luis Rodríguez also shared a series of videos of yesterday's inauguration through the social network. Especially from her favorite part: when Jennifer Lopez performed the songs "American the Beautiful", composed by Woody Guthrie, and "This land is your land", while wearing an elegant white outfit.

In the show mounted in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC, the “Diva del Bronx” made history when she spoke, for the first time in an event of this type, in Spanish: “A nation under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all, " said the singer in an emotional message.

The photomontage caused all kinds of reactions. Users highlighted that they had fun with the actor's publication, but comments made to remember the political position of his daughters, Lilibeth and Liliana Morillo , also abounded.

"The Andirons must be foaming at the mouth " and "Your daughters don't like this photo" were some of the comments made by a couple of users of the digital platform in the publication.

And the daughters that the Venezuelan artist procreated with singer Lila Morillo are openly pro-Trump. Even the actress and Tv Host Liliana Rodríguez Morillo works actively offering interviews "about the best and most magnificent president that the United States of America has had and will have, Donald Trump," according to what was said from her official Instagram account.

In addition, Lilibeth Morillo shared a heartfelt message to say goodbye to the former president : “ STANDING APPLAUSE to one of the best presidents of this nation and on behalf of Venezuelans who understand and appreciate his efforts ... THANK YOU !!! And BRAVO ”.

However,“ El Puma ”received support from his daughter, actress Génesis Rodríguez, who responded with humor to her father's witty photomontage. "Papáaaaa!" Commented the actress who gave life to "Sonia" in Matt Piedmont's film, Casa de mi padre.

Like his father, Genesis celebrated the start of Joe Biden's administration . From her Instagram account, the actress shared fragments of the speech declared by the writer Amanda Gorman, who was the opening poet of the presidential event.

During the ceremony, the American singer Lady Gaga surprised the viewers with an extremely emotional interpretation of the anthem of U.S.

Likewise, other figures from the world of American entertainment, such as Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Katy Perry and Demi Lovato participated in “Celebrating America” , a 90-minute musical special that replaced the official dances.

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