The empire of Pablo Motos and Jorge Salvador, the Midas Kings of TV


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He sold it as the program "with the most tension on television" and the audience bought the message of its creator, Jorge Salvador. El Desafío, the latest proposal by 7yacción, producer of El Hormiguero , for Antena 3 prime time , premiered last week with an unmitigated triumph. The talent show presented by Roberto Leal led and gathered 3,302,000 viewers, 22.4% of the audience. Its main competitor, Got Talent , on Telecinco, was 7.6 points behind the premiere of Atresmedia with a share of 14.8% and 2,289,000 viewers. A new success for the television factory of which Salvador and Pablo Motos are 50% shareholders each . Close friends to the point of making his wives jealous, daily co-workers for almost 14 years, and partners in finances. The summary of the latter is zero debts with the banks and large profits. Its production company billed in the last declared fiscal year, 2019, 22 million euros, and dividends of 6 million were distributed. As if that were not enough, Motos and Salvador have their own companies with an equity each of around 25 million and that act as owners of a multitude of properties in which the couple of friends have invested over the years. An empire forged under the spotlight that continues to grow apart from crises and pandemics.

With El Desafío , Jorge Salvador has signed up as much as a creator of entertainment formats. Although he has been the co-author of all the successes of 7yacción and his weight in the company is the same as that of Pablo Motos , he has always worked in the shadows while the popular presenter put his face. For some time now, Salvador has been gaining prominence and today he is one of the most important producers on the small screen, as well as a well-known face after eventually appearing in El Hormiguero. He has his own company, Primetime, through which he owns 50% of 7yacción. In the last year it declared an asset of 24 million and profits of 2,800,000. Salvador, 57, achieved success in Crónicas Marcianas , where he was the musical animator of the successful show presented by Javier Sardá. He embarked on some business ventures that did not turn out well, so the experience has made him invest safely in brick. The chosen place, Jávea, where you spend your holidays. Near Cabo de la Nao it has villas with plots of at least 800 square meters, of different sizes and with more or less luxury. They are built by the sea on the cliffs in a unique Mediterranean enclave

Those houses were bought by Primetime, but the ownership is 50% with another company. How could it be otherwise, the other half belongs to Pablo Motos, who has also chosen the real estate sector as the main focus of investment for what he earns on TV. Through the company Japala Japala, the Valencian communicator owns half of the audiovisual production company and the same percentage of real estate investments in Jávea. A company with assets of 26 million and that has declared three million euros, according to the latest data from the Commercial Registry. Motos, 55, is probably the highest paid presenter on television in Spain. Especially since 2011, when its famous ants Trancas and Barrancas moved to Atresmedia from Mediaset, for a figure of 90,000 euros per program. With such a contract, 7yacción became the most profitable television factory. With El Hormiguero as its flagship, 7yacción has managed to employ a hundred people and have a turnover of 30 million euros a year. Profits have reached 10 million a year. Today the company employs 85 people and has a turnover of 22 million a year.

Pablo Motos has invested his earnings in creating real estate assets. In his homeland, Requena (Valencia), he owns two houses, two farms and a country house. In Madrid it has two floors where its companies are domiciled. Now he lives in one of them, acquired in the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood last year. It is located near the Retiro park, has 300 square meters and is valued at more than two million. A more than buoyant economy that the popular television face has shared with his partner for 20 years . Pablo Motos met Laura Llopis on the radio and, since then, they have not separated. She also works at El Hormiguero as a script coordinator, and has brought the couple two daughters from a previous relationship. They have not had children together, but he assures that he adores Laura's daughters. For his part, Jorge Salvador is happily married and has two children. The two friends have put their friendship as the basis for all the projects in which they have succeeded. Not even the pandemic has stopped them. They have managed to reinvent El Hormiguero and invoice a new successful program. As if they were Midas Kings, they turn everything they touch into gold without symptoms of exhaustion.

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