The expensive gift that Thalia received for her 20 years of marriage to Tommy Mottola


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This Wednesday, December 2, the couple made up of Thalía and Tommy Mottola celebrated 20 years of marriage in style , because in addition to congratulations and moving messages of love on their respective social networks, the music producer did not miss the date and indulged his wife at home. And it is that the Mexican and the American showed their love with extensive messages that were sent on Instagram , where they also showed clips and photographs of the day they arrived at the altar.

To commemorate the two decades of that lavish ceremony that took place At New York's iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral, the millionaire former president of Sony Music surprised the Mexican star with a homemade dinner and a luxurious anniversary gift . It was the businessman of Italian descent who treated his partner with a homely dinner and a "modest gift" of luxury to celebrate the special date.

" This is our anniversary dinner, look what a delight! Smoked salmon, potatoes, caviar, as well as some fresh tomatoes from our own garden, our anniversary book ... what's better than this? " said the mogul about the food arranged on the table.

Tommy Mottola shared a video edit of his wedding photos, set to music with the wedding march (Video: Instagram @tommymottola)

Immediately afterwards, the music industry businessman focused to the so-called "queen of 90s telenovelas", who wore a special outfit for this gala in mustard and earth tones, and added: "Of course, the love of my life ..." .

You can see him in the video who was also the husband of another music diva, Mariah Carey, giving the mother of his two children samples of how in love he is with her twenty years after giving him "yes" at the remembered wedding where the Mexican wore a dress with a "kilometric" train. Mottola did not hesitate to sing an impromptu “happy anniversary to his wife”, modifying the lyrics of the classic Happy Birthday theme, at which time he presumed that an expensive jewel was perched on the chest of the neighborhood actress María la was able to distinguish the number 20, alluding to the anniversary they celebrate .

In addition to the expensive hanging Thalía is wearing to commemorate the special date for the couple, Mottola shared a romantic message: “Happy anniversary my life, my love, my everything ! @thalia 20 years ago we walked down the aisle of St. Patrick's Cathedral ”.

The Mexican posed happy and fun with the hanging that her husband gave her (Video: Instagram @tommymottola)

“My whole life changed forever and ever! It took me a long time, but God is good and he brought me the love of my life, my only true love. There for me all the time, no matter what, unconditionally! I am with you now and for infinity + infinity, "wrote the businessman.

For her part, Thalía also stood out with the words she dedicated to Sabrina and Matthew's father:

" Happy anniversary, my love. These 22 years together have been the most beautiful thing that has happened to us in this life. 20 years ago, we left St. Patrick's Cathedral full of illusions and plans and look how far we have come my love! I love you deeply today and always and I thank God that together we can accompany our children through this life. Happy 20 years of marriage, my beloved Tommy Mottola! ”

Thalía and Tommy met thanks to a mutual friend: producer Emilio Estefan. Their first meeting was on a "blind" romantic date in 1998 and they arrived at the altar on December 2, 2000. Seven years later they became parents of Sabrina Sakäe and in 2011 Matthew Alejandro was born, forming the Mottola family.

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