“The last time I got this award, Prince gave it to me”: The Weeknd's controversial outfit at the American Music Awards


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The musician appeared bandaged and bruised, in accordance with the aesthetics that he has been managing in the promotion of his project (Video: American Music Awards) __ SCRIPT__0

This Sunday night the 48th edition of the American was held from Los Angeles, California Music Awards, one of the most iconic and popular galas of popular music in the United States and which is dedicated to awarding the most outstanding musical acts of recent months.

One of the first guests to appear on stage was the singer The Weeknd , who left the square and captured the attention of the public and the spectators who followed the transmission from different countries , as he appeared with a striking look composed of a suit in red and black tones, but what surprised and alarmed some was that he sold his head and appeared with a bruised face .

But for those who are familiar with the current artistic concept of the rapper will know that behind his most recent album After Hours s e finds a statement , so the appearance of the Canadian singer with that bandage was not a surprise to his fans.

Last August the artist had appeared with a bloody face at the MTV Video Music Awards , these appearances respond to the message that The Weeknd seeks to give through his concept, because during the promotion of his album After Hours and the short films he made for Blinding Lights and After Hours , he warned people not to drive while intoxicated , visibly showing what kind of injuries can occur in car accidents.

Earlier this year he explained his concept like this to Esquire magazine: “ Blinding Lighs is about how you want to look at someone at night, and you're intoxicated, and you're driving towards this person and just You're blinded by the street lights But nothing could stop you from trying to go see that person, because you are so lonely. I do not want to promote drunk driving, but that's why the dark tone "explicó.

In addition, the artist appears in this video being beaten by two men in a nightclub, so it ends up hurt and bleeding. In this sense, the artist wanted to keep the essence of the clip and look "beaten" in his most recent public appearances.

The artist, who recently broke the news that he will be in charge of entertaining the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show , He drew attention on social networks, because his “bruised and bandaged version” created confusion about his physical and health condition among netizens and was even the reason for memes.

Regarding his performance, he had the collaboration of saxophonist Kenny G: both musicians surprised with an open air show from 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, the bridge that was closed especially for this presentation.

The Weeknd performed a mashup of their famous songs In Your Eyes and Save Your Tears : walking through sparklers and with the introduction of Kenny's sax, the performance was one of the most acclaimed of the gala.

In the middle of a ceremony that this year had to adapt to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, The Weeknd repeated the outfit with which he arrived at the event and sang, to personally receive his awards, including Best Soul Album / R&B , with which he prevailed over the works of Doja Catt and Summer Walker.

At the award show where he wore his “bruised” aesthetic, Abel Tesyafe, The Weeknd's real name, recalled Prince , a deceased artist , in his acceptance speech on April 21, 2016, of whom he has already stated on multiple occasions that he was part of his most notable musical influences.

“The last time I received this award it was given to me by the late Prince. He is the reason I can constantly challenge the R&B genre. I would like to dedicate this award to him ”, he expressed.

After trending on Twitter, the musician took home eight 2020 American Music Awards for Artist of the Year, Favorite Music Video ( Blinding Lights ), Favorite Male Pop / Rock Artist, Favorite Soul / R & B Song ( Heartless ) and Album favorite pop / rock ( After Hours ).

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