The memes didn't let the romance between Christian Nodal and Belinda pass: that's how they treated Lupillo Rivera


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Belinda and Lupillo RIvera worked together on La Voz de TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram)

Following Christian Nodal's announcement of her romance with Belinda, social media has exploded in comments and memes about the reaction Lupillo Rivera, former couple of the singer with Spanish roots.

Belinda and Jenny Rivera's brother met on reality show La Voz México in 2019 and there it was noticed from the chemical beginning between the two that Rivera himself would confirm the relationship. However, ella denied the relationship in June last year for People magazine in Spanish who say they were just friends.

Most of the shared memes take as a reference The tattoo that Lupillo made of Belinda's face on the arm which he also repeatedly assured that he would keep the tattoo.

Rivera went so far as to declare that she loved her "madly" while the singer of the hit The toad dance in various interviews denied the fact that they have ever been a couple, but only coaching on the TV show.

A year later and due to the new season of La Voz México, the outstanding actress of Amigos x always met Christian Nodal and today they announced their new romance with a story in the profile of Adias singer Amor.

From June there were already rumours about the now confirmed relationship because just days before the new season of reality began the two were flirted and exchange messages during the recordings began.

"The most beautiful little mouse in the world" , put Nodal in a post and that revealed romance. Here are the best memes:


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