The mysterious visit of Daniela Castro to Televisa, did not want to attend the press


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The actress Daniela Castro has returned to the spotlight of public life, as she was seen this Wednesday in an unexpected visit to the facilities of Televisa San Ángel , and although she was captured at the time of entering the entrance turnstiles area of the television company, The famous did not want to attend to the show reporters who usually stand guard in the entrance and exit area of the so-called dream factory .

And it is that curiosity was ignited among the followers of the interpreter regarding her possible return to the television forums to star or antagonize a telenovela, a genre in which the 51-year-old actress, born in Mexico City, has stood out in recent years and throughout her career. And although the star was reluctant to talk to the press, after revealing this information, it is speculated that the singer, too, could soon return to star in a melodrama on the television that led her to fame from the 80s. Despite the fact that in 2018 Daniela was at a peak in her career, enjoying television successes, the actress was forced to make a break in her artistic activities and her working life after being involved in an incident that occurred in Texas, The United States, where Castro was accused of robbery in a luxury clothing department store, after which months later she was found not guilty. At that time, the image of Daniela posing in front of the police cameras was leaked to the press, a fact that was painful for the protagonist of Cadenas de amargura , her first big hit on television.

Time after having transcended her embarrassing accident, the actress reappeared in public to clarify this situation, where through an audio that circulated strongly in the media and on social networks, the actress assured that it was a confusion and that she is a woman who is governed by " values ”:“ (It was) a bad move that was made to me and be calm because I do say something to whoever is in the chat , thank you for your concern, my Gaby, but everything is in the hands of my lawyer so that it can be clarified and I came out victorious from this infamous situation and sorry for the photo, but imagine, I almost died, the only thing I can tell you is that they have an honorable friend and a friend that they can continue to respect, with values and principles that they don't give me for h acer (what is imputed to me) ", said the actress in an intimate recording leaked on the internet.

Daniela has been absent from public life until now, and although many of her followers are excited, speculating that her visit to the consortium It is due to a negotiation to return to the small screen, other users do not rule out that he is only accompanying his daughter Daniela Ordaz, who in a few months will debut acting on television with the project What is happening to my family.

One aspect of his visit to Televisa that caught his attention is that Castro, at the time of registering to enter, was called by the reporters who were waiting at the entrance of the building, and although they repeatedly yelled at him, “Dani , Dani, Dani Castro ”, the famous one only turned around once to greet them, being that when they asked for a few minutes for an interview, the actress chose to continue her entry to the television station, so the press agents were left with a disappointment and the snub of the actress

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