The painter Arturo Damasco assured that Juan Gabriel did not pay him more than 60 works; these would have been stolen


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The Mexican painter and muralist Arturo Damasco claims to have made more than 70 pictorial works commissioned by the late singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel , as the beloved interpreter fell in love with the work of the native of Ciudad Juárez .__ P__ After Damasco made the huge 400-meter mural squares on Avenida Benito Juárez in the same city, where the same Mexican idol was present at the unveiling, the divo continued in contact with the painter to request the creation of multiple works for his personal collection.

Although he says he feels honored because Juanga appreciated his work so much, four years after the death of the beloved singer, now the visual artist makes it known that he left more than 70 works in the possession of the deceased , of which he only managed to collect 10, since shortly after, Juan Gabriel lost his life leaving the debt of the artistic work in half .__ P__ “Juan Gabriel could not pay me, I got in touch with Iván (Aguilera, universal heir of the artist) some time after Mr. Alberto died , he (Juan Gabriel) paid me about ten works. He told me that it was what he could pay me at that time and he agreed to return what I was not going to buy, and that four years have passed and I want to get this back. I do not plan to do anything, just the right thing, I trust that he will respect this deal that I had with Mr. Juan Gabriel, whether he finishes liquidating me or he returns my work, more than anything I am looking for this ", said the plastic artist for the program First hand.

Faced with this "peaceful claim", it is Guillermo Pous, Iván Aguilera's lawyer who has been in charge of all matters related to the inheritance and properties of Juan Gabriel , who assures that the paintings made by Damasco were extracted as a park of a looting that occurred shortly before the death of the divo .__ P__ "In the house of San Carlos I can tell you that the work does not exist or what was in Quintana Roo before we made the move, I commented on several occasions, it existed a looting. That is, it was not at the time we made the move, all the material or all the goods that we did know or that we saw that Don Alberto had, if part of that work went I do not know where and it is of those goods that we could not recover , Well, the man is unfortunate and we are unfortunate , "said the lawyer .__ P__ __P__" Since Don Alberto died, two days after he died, I went to his house in Quintana Roo, in his golden house, in the study, in the cabins, and they gave me only partial access, I wanted to see how the facilities were, I checked several of the areas where Don Alberto kept and had things, we realized that many of them were needed, others were there and it was that the next day I managed to make an absolutely detailed inventory and with a notary public . After that visit and that inventory was that they began to deny us entry for all this time until I started the criminal actions and we were able to implement this operation was that we were already allowed to enter with removals and remove everything. At the time of removing those goods and matching what we managed to recover along with the inventory carried out, there were many things that were missing; that is, someone took them and someone keeps them to this day ”, he added .__ P__

Given this statement, there is the possibility that the plastic artist can verify the treatment he reached with Juan Gabriel so that his son can take charge of pay off the debt ; However, you must present the specific documents that prove the transaction so that you can get your money back, since it is very likely that the works have been stolen .__ P__ Arturo Damasco and his relationship with the divo de Juárez

The visual artist forged a friendship with the interpreter of Eternal Love who was born with the creation of the mural that he painted from a photo of Juanga's youth .

" He gave me the photograph that he wanted me to paint, I did this mural in March 2015, and I was fortunate that he came to inaugurate it and that's where I met him, very happy to have paid him this tribute in life. From this mural I had the opportunity to meet him, I made two portraits that he asked me and later I ended up doing around seventy-odd works, including drawings, murals, paintings, and I was very happy that he appreciated my work and hired me to do this kind of thing. Among the portraits I got to do were of Aída Cuevas, Lucha Villa, “La India” and also Isabel Pantoja ", the artist from Juarez told Despierta América a few years ago, where he showed that they would have been the most beloved friends for the remembered singer .__ P__

“It was a very strange project because I never would have imagined that Juan Gabriel would find out, much less open the mural itself. I was invited by the National Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Juárez to paint the piece. I found it interesting because it was painting this artist on such an iconic avenue in that city. The work was announced in a barrage wheel; The next day I started and Juan Gabriel himself went to see the beginning. Later he asked me for a portrait of Isabel Pantoja and later he asked me for more pieces. In total I painted 72 works for the singer, including drawings, wall portraits, etc. It was incredible because I had the opportunity to become friends with the man ”, said the artist for the urban art blog or All City Canvas.

Arturo Damasco is a benchmark of the new Mexican muralism and his work has reached countries such as Italy, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Slovenia .__ P__ MORE ON THIS TOPIC:

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