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1 of 26 | Incredible celebrity makeovers - Rebel Wilson in 2019 and 2020. The actress set her goal to lose weight in 2020 and reached her goal in late November (Credit: Getty Images / Instagram) See the gallery → 2 of 26 | Kelly Osbourne in August 2019 and August 2020. She lost 28 kilos. 3 of 26 | Adele in 2008 and 2020 (Credit: Getty Images / Instagram). 4 of 26 | Tim McGraw in 2007 and 2019: lost 18 kilos. (Credit: Getty Images / Instagram) 5 of 26 | In September 2019, Jessica Simpson shared a picture on Instagram after losing 45 kilos after the birth of her third child. (Credit: Jessica Simpson / Instagram) 6 of 26 | In August 2019 Simon Cowell said that he feels and looks better after following a vegan diet. 7 of 26 | In January 2019, some said that Céline Dion was very thin. The singer replied: "Leave me alone" (Credit: Getty Images) 8 of 26 | Macaulay Culkin no longer has his long-haired sloppy look: he reappeared in July 2017 without a beard and a little less slim, characteristics he had maintained in his later years. What are the most amazing transformations of celebrities? Look at the gallery 9 of 26 | Jonah Hill fans immediately noticed the actor's new summer body for 2017 and argued that his weight loss was inspiring. Hill credited the advice of her "21 Jump Street" co-star Channing Tatum for her recent weight loss. 10 of 26 | This is what Pamela Anderson looked like in 2008 in the movie 'Superhero Movie' and this is what she looks like in 2017. ( Credit: Everett Collection / Getty Images) 11 of 26 | Lil'Kim, left at a BET event in 2003, is unrecognizable in this 2016 photo. 12 of 26 | You know Chris Hemsworth as the muscular Thor ( on the left in 2011), but the photo on the right, posted by him on Twitter in 2015, shows the result of a 'shipwrecked' diet for the movie "In the Heart of the Sea." 13 of 26 | Renee Zellweger shocked many on the red carpet at an Elle Women event in 2014. She was not recognized. 14 of 26 | Uma Thurman's appearance at the premiere of "The Slap" in 2015 made many wonder what had been done on the face 15 of 26 | The transformation of Zach Galifianakis surprised yielded many. The photo on the right is from 2015. He said he started losing weight in 2013 when he stopped drinking alcohol. 16 of 26 | Tom Arnold has lost 100 pounds since the birth of his first child last year, and he looked pretty skinny this year at the South by Southwest festival. In fact, she had lost the same amount of weight before but gained it back by not maintaining healthy habits. After his son was born, he knew he needed to make a lasting change. 17 of 26 | In 2014, Jessica Simpson showed off a super slim image in a Weight Watchers ad released in February "I felt so insecure ... I couldn't even believe how much I weighed," Simpson told "Good Morning America." 18 of 26 | Christina Aguilera stood out on the red carpet at the American Music Awards for two years in a row. At the 2013 awards ceremony, Aguilera wowed viewers when she arrived in a tight white dress with revealing slits, showing a very different image than her voluptuous appearance at the 2012 event. 19 of 26 | John Goodman, star of the television series "Roseanne," is known for his heavy build as well as his acting skills. Goodman lost noticeable weight in 2015, as was evident during a screening of “Trumbo” in October of that year. The photo to the left was taken just a year earlier in a showing of “The Gambler.” 20 of 26 | Matthew Lewis, who played the shy and modest Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" films, has grown into a burly young man. The actor physically prepared himself for the roles of a soldier in "Bluestone 42" and an athlete in "Me Before You ". 21 of 26 | Filmmaker Kevin Smith in 2008 (left) and 2015. The director of" Clerks "and other films posted on his Twitter account in 2015 that he had lost 38.5 kilos. His secret is walking 5 miles every day and forgoing sugary drinks. 22 of 26 | Actor Penn Jillette told People magazine that there was no magic whatsoever when he lost weight from 149.6 to 102 kg. artist simply modified his eating habits to lose er 47 kilograms and get her blood pressure under control. 23 of 26 | Singer Sam Smith started to look slimmer in March 2015 (pictured left when he arrived at an event) and gave full credit to nutritionist and author Amelia Free for helping him change his diet and appearance. 24 of 26 | Melissa McCarthy has been losing weight and in 2015 she told Gayle King on "CBS This Morning" that she just stopped stressing about it. "I feel amazing ... and I finally said, 'Oh please stop worrying about it. ', and maybe that may be the best thing I've ever done, "she explained. 25 of 26 | Hip-hop artist Missy Elliott showed she was still in shape when she showed off a slim figure in October 2014, during the release of designer Alexander Wang's line for the H&M warehouse Apparently autoimmune disorder isn't slowing down the "supa dupa fly" producer. 26 of 26 | Actress Kirstie Alley set out to lose 13.6 kilos in 2014, but decided to go further and lost 22.6. Alley, a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, used the weight loss program to lose weight during that year. Even though her size has fluctuated in the past, Alley assured Matt Lauer of "Today" that "this time, it's different."

(CNN) - After promising to be healthy in 2020, actress Rebel Wilson announced that she reached her weight goal a month earlier.

The "Pitch Perfect" star took to her Instagram account in January to declare that 2020 would be "The year of health »for her. Since then, she has been steadily losing weight during the pandemic and documenting it on social media.

Wilson posted the news of her success on Sunday on her Instagram stories, with a picture of the scale and a message for those who have followed her.

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"I reached my goal with a month to spare!" Said Wilson. "Although it's not about the number, it's about being healthy, I needed a tangible measure to target and that was 75kg," he said.

Wilson did a live broadcast Tuesday night to thank everyone for their support. .

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ANALYSIS | Rebel Wilson, Lizzo and Adele's personal physical appearance is just that: personal

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