The reason Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth's marriage didn't work out


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Last January, Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth were officially two divorced people who regain their single status after a brief eight-month marriage that this December would have completed its second anniversary. In these months, there has been time for him to have established himself in another relationship with the model Gabriella Brooks , for her to share her life first with the influencer Kaitlynn Carter and then with the singer Cody Simons to finally focus on herself and her last album Plastic Hearts , considered by many to be probably the best album of his career.

A job that has served Cyrus, at 28, exorcising his demons against the Australian actor, with whom he began a battle of criticism and accusations shortly after announcing their separation and with whom he seems to have found peace. During her latest appearance on the famous radio show The Howard Stern Show , the Wrecking Ball singer has now revealed the real reasons her marriage didn't work out. While in the eyes of the world their relationship ended with the photo of Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter kissing on the deck of a ship during a vacation together in Italy, the Wrecking Ball interpreter has now revealed the real reasons why their marriage, which have to do with the fire that devastated all of California two years ago and destroyed hundreds of homes , including the artist's house in Malibu.

“We have been together since we were 16 years old,” Cyrus recalled during his Last appearance on the famous radio show The Howard Stern Show . “And it happened that our house burned down. At that time we were engaged, I don't know if we really thought we were going to get married one day, but when we lost our home in Malibu, everything changed ”, he acknowledged. “First of all, my voice, if you listen to what it was like before and after the fire, it's very different because the fire really left me traumatized. Also, when it happened I was in South Africa, I couldn't go back, and I could only think that my animals were tied to a pole on the beach. I lost everything. For example, I had Elvis Polaroids that I got the grandmothers of a couple of friends to give me. Because I've always made friends with grandmothers to get the products of the artists I love, "she joked before getting serious again.

" I had so much stored there and everything suddenly went away because of the fire ... Every song I had written, every photograph of me my parents had given me, all my scripts, I lost everything. And trying to rebuild that again, instead of saying 'Oh, nature did something that I couldn't do for myself; it forced me to forget my past ', I decided to run towards the fire ”, he explained, implying that he entered a phase of self-destruction without wanting to, as happens to some animals, as he has told. "Something that, by the way, is not unusual because many animals do this when there is a forest fire in a forest. Deer, for example, who end up dying. Let's say you are drawn to that heat, and I am a very intense person who refused to accept what had happened. I kept wondering what purpose was behind that destruction. So instead of pulling forward and starting over, I just clung to what was left of that house, that it was Liam and I, "he continued.

The now ex-partner's relationship went back a decade ago, when they met on the set of The Last Song. Engaged in 2012, they broke up a year later, but in 2015 they met again and in 2016 they resumed their courtship so that on Christmas Eve 2018 they said “yes, I want” at home with their family. “I really still love him and will love him very much all my life. I will always do it ”, the singer assured, although clarifying that they could never be the same again. “But after the fire there was too much conflict between us and me, when I get home, I want someone to anchor me by my side. I don't like drama or fights ”, he concluded.

After the brief marriage of eight months, in these two years each one has lived the separation in a very different way. Hemsworth decided to move away from the media focus and focus on sports, work and his new partner , while Cyrus has been seen as the center of all the criticism and has had to overcome one lurch after another , since his failed relationship with blogger Carter, his strong friendship with Cody Simpson who is still a "very important" person in his life, his vocal cord surgery, and now his recently released album, in which at least one of his songs, Midnight Sky , speaks precisely about him end of love with Hemsworth. " I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone and I don't need you to love me," says the interpreter in the chorus of the melody.

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