The reason why Lolita Ayala became a trend on Twitter ... and Phil Barrera was not involved


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After several years out of the public eye, journalist and communicator Dolores Ayala Nieto, better known as Lolita Ayala , reappeared on social networks to comment on her current situation.

On her official Twitter account, Ayala published a video on November 27 where he thanked the support that people have given him throughout his 45 years of journalistic career.

For many years I had the pleasure of being with you through one of the main newscasts in Mexico, for that I will always be grateful with all my heart for having followed me for so many years, "he said.

In addition, she mentioned that the current circumstances, derived from the health crisis caused by COVID-19, pushed her to start a new business with her own clothing brand , which will help not only to its economy, but also to people with limited resources through its foundation .

Nowadays circumstances have led us to make changes , to undertake and remain present with It was about you in a different way. That is why today I decide to start a new stage through an online store , I hope you enjoy this new stage. Remember that by making your purchase you will be helping people with few speeches who need you today, through the Just to Help IAP foundation . I send you all my love.

Lolita Ayala was at the forefront of the 3 pm newscast that was broadcast by one of the most important television stations in Mexico, which began with the name Many news and had a total of 7,040 broadcasts since March 30, 1987 , day of the first program

However, on August 19, 2016, the last program was broadcast . There was much speculation about her departure, but nothing was ever clear , not even Ayala clarified the situation, because when the news was released, she said it was an " unpleasant surprise. "

One of the moments most remembered throughout the Mexican population is the famous “ Phil Barrera ”. On that occasion, Lolita Ayala was talking about the capture, in Texas, of a Mexican who was driving a trailer loaded with methamphetamine , highly addictive and harmful drugs.

From one moment to another, the voice of the host of that famous informative space He changed when saying the name of the Spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection of the United States at that time, this due to a mishap with his throat.

After several seconds of trying to recover his voice, Ayala apologized and issued the famous phrase "excuse me You guys are gone , to continue giving the news of that day in 2014.

Years later, in 2020, it happened again, although now it was not for giving news. The 69-year-old journalist was invited to the program Todo para la mujer , broadcast by Radio Fórmula to give details of her return to television after almost 4 years of absence.

The talk only took a few minutes when the " rooster " It was present in his voice, but he controlled it and said " I'm a bit phlegm ." Moments later, when he wanted to get back into the rhythm, the aftermath of " Phil Barrera " returned, to such an extent that the driver Maxine Woodside recommended drinking water.

Ayala Nieto spent the episode and remembered that day in 2014: “ Now, as I said on TV, it is gone . That they made me, well, a terrible mockery, that if a ghost had come out, that if it had a monster in its throat, didn't you see it? " .


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