The reasons that led to the separation of Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck


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The separation of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas has surprised half the world. The couple had been happy for a year, there were even US media that spoke of engagement showing the ring that the Cuban Hispanic actress wore on her finger. But far from fixing a wedding, both have decided to break up. His friends, as they have declared to several publications, believe that there is still the possibility of a reconciliation "they love each other very much", they say. The decision to separate was mutual. “The reason for following different paths is in the actress's desire to be a mother, a task he is not willing to do.

The actor already has three children with Jennifer Garner. Affleck, 48, is the father of Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8. De Armas, 32, has no children. "Ben is in no condition to start a new family," a friend of the actor told Page Six.

The actors met in late 2019 while filming Deep Water , a thriller based on a novel by writer Patricia Highsmith about a marriage, which both play, and the connection between them was "immediate," according to sources close to the couple told People . "They had a lot of chemistry from the first moment," added those same sources . They were then seen enjoying a trip to Havana last March. Since then they began a life together in Los Angeles. Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck passed the quarantine together and left a record of their happiness and good harmony on their social networks. On May 1, the actress celebrated her birthday with the actor , who prepared a surprise party with cake, balloons and piñata included.

De Armas has been looking for rental houses in West Hollywood in the wake of the separation after leaving the Affleck's $ 20 million mansion and put her Venice, California home up for sale last month.

Ana de Armas had not only integrated seamlessly into Affleck's family, but had also become one with her friends. , who considered the actress "a great influence" for the American on his way to sobriety, a battle that he has been fighting for years and has even gone through several detoxification centers and it seems that he is already rehabilitating.

One of the great supporters of the couple has been Jennifer Garner. The actress and Affleck have a good relationship despite the fact that their 10-year marriage ended in 2015 , although they did not file for divorce until two years later. Garner has been a great support to Affleck throughout the process that the actor has gone through due to his addiction to alcohol. She has accompanied him to the rehabilitation clinic on several occasions, they have continued to maintain their family relationship with their children and, in addition, the actress was the one who interceded so that her ex-husband would not be fired from her latest film , The Way Back , after suffer a relapse into her alcohol problems shortly before filming began.

Ana de Armas appeared in Spanish homes in May 2007 through her character as Carolina, in El internado , she conquered the viewers as they did the rest of the characters of a series that stayed on screen for seven seasons. She was then 19 years old. From the age of 14 he studied at the National School of Art of Cuba and at 16 he had already landed his first leading role precisely in a Spanish film, Una rosa de Francia , in which he acted alongside Álex González. His character in the series that catapulted other young actors to fame such as Yon González, Martiño Rivas, Elena Furiase or Blanca Suárez, did the rest. She combined El Internado with some national films, married the actor Marc Clotet , divorced in 2013 and moved to Hollywood in 2014 to continue growing as an actress .

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