The relationship of Belinda and Christian Nodal: of the toughest tests that are lived in "La Voz Mexico"


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The confirmed relationship of Cristian Nodal y Belinda generated several reactions (Photo: Instagram@ lavoztvazteca)

Belinda and Christian Nodal surprised everyone at confirm their courtship arising from their coexistence as coaches of La Voz México. The news not only caused happiness among those close to the couple, but also a series of reactions on social media and the world of showbiz that have been dissatisfied by the handling of this information, as the journalist Alex Kaffie.

The columnist of the Heraldo of Mexico used his space in this media to express his opinion about this romance. According to Kaffie, alyar is the product of a strategy to increase the audience of the reality show broadcast on TV Azteca.

The communicator titled "Vil choro" to the space he dedicated to speaking of belinda and Christian Nodal's newly announced courtship.

On this subject he mentioned that he does not create "the story" publicized by the TV of Ajusco and explained the reasons behind the much-mentioned love uncover.

Alex Kaffie spoke out about courtship (Photo: Twitter capture)

"The romance between the judge and the judge is an invention whose purpose is to increase the rating of The Voice. 't fool me," he reiterated.

On his Twitter account he reinforced this view and became blunt again when he referred to the theme: "The romance is as fake as the blonde hair of Yuri (the singer born in Veracruz and known for her imposing voice)."

But Alex Kaffie is not the only one who doubted the veracity of the much-talked courtship and is that Daniel Bisogno, driver of Ventanando, off against confirmation from last Wednesday.

" I don't believe that. I don't believe any of that. Nodal uploaded a story to Instagram where he confirms, basically with photographs, an affair with Belinda," the host said.

Pedro Sola did not stay behind and finished the comment with a clear phrase: "Yes, you see how she is, she falls in love quickly".

The relationship also provoked on Twitter the comparison between the boyfriends of Belinda and Eiza González, who was blunt in asking not to be used "as a employ to denigrate or minimize any woman".

The relationship also provoked on Twitter the comparison between Belinda and Eiza González's boyfriends

But not all opinions have been bad. María José, another of the coaches of the second season of La Voz México, spoke in favor of romance and told some details of what she could see during the recording of the TV program Azteca.

"They have been very, ultra and hyper discreet, super discreet and quiet... As a good mother I thought like smiles and little things like that, but I said, 'I'm still hallucinating,'" "La Josa" said during an interview for Venga la Alegría.

"The important thing is that they are happy, that they look great, that they love each other well... He caught a lot of people by surprise... They are both very professional and really that was somewhat discreet, love is noticeable and the bomb had to explode," he added.

Mary Joseph spoke out for the new love and added: "I cannot bet whether they will last or not, Beli I love her with all my heart and Nodal is a child with tenderness walking. Doble thumbs up for love".

Although the singer has always defended her private life with suspicion, during the last few hours her love situation was exposed after her partner on La Voz México shared some romantic photographs and a strong message: "I love you".

Although the singer has always defended her private life with suspicion, during the last few hours her love situation was exposed after her partner in La Voz México shared some romantic photographs (Photo: Instagram@ nodal)

The images soon caused shock and became a trend because the relationship was confirmed by the two artists' team para nbsp;People en Español. "They are happy and in love", he recounted Conchita Oliva, the Aedós Amor.

While Danna Vazquez of Belinda's team commented: &"It's love... They're boyfriends,"

So far neither has offered further statements about it, but it will be in the next broadcast of La Voz México When you see their behavior, as they will have the opportunity to sing for the first time together on the reality show stage.


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