The romance of Princess Haya and her bodyguard, revealed


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Princess Haya was romantically involved with her British bodyguard, to whom she paid 1.2 million pounds sterling (more than not to mention her adventure in addition to millions of euros) in luxurious gifts, including a 12,000-pound watch. and an antique shotgun. The youngest ex-wife of the Dubai ruler had a two-year affair with Russell Flowers that ended the ex-soldier's four-year marriage. The princess fled Dubai in summer 2019 to escape from Mohamed Bin Rashid al Maktoum and now lives in London. The relationship emerged during the trial in the High Court of the princess against her husband in London , held a year ago and in which she won custody of her two children. The Daily Mail has now had access to this information and has spoken with friends of the bodyguard's ex-wife.

Princess Haya, the sixth and youngest wife of billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, showered Russell Flowers with extravagant gifts and insisted that will accompany her wherever she goes. On trips abroad, the princess always insisted that they have connecting rooms. "When I was in the UK, I would go out with him almost every night and sometimes they wouldn't come home until the next morning," say knowledgeable sources.

Flowers, who served for five years in the Royal Regiment of the Princess of Wales, began working for Haya de Jordan full time in 2016. First, he was presented with a Rolex watch and then another from Audemars Piguet for his birthday. "His wife noticed that the calls and messages happened every night after he came home from work," a family friend told the British newspaper. He claimed it was security, but the calls lasted for hours. Sometimes the princess would put her son on the phone, but her calls raised some suspicions. More giveaways followed, including a cigar box with a humidifier worth thousands of pounds. Haya even gave him a personalized license plate with the word RU55ELLS.

The family was always generous with their bodyguards. The sheikh used to pay between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds sterling (between 5,700 and 17,000 euros) as a tip. But the gifts Russell got were far superior to that. He also received a custom made Purdy shotgun that was engraved. Other gifts included a signet ring and a ruby around the Flowers family crest.

Flowers' wife's suspicions that he was having an affair were confirmed, according to a close friend, in late 2016 when she saw that her Her husband had sent her photos of Haya, the daughter of the late King of Jordan, posing in a bathing suit, as well as other selfies. “I know her heart sank when she saw the photos and knew that her husband was having an affair. There wasn't a big confrontation, but a few months later he turned to his wife and told her that he no longer loved her. She wanted to fight for her marriage and she didn't think it was over and it was just a stage her husband was going through. Her husband denied there was anything wrong with the princess. ”

In 2018, Flowers was photographed with Princess Haya at the annual visit of the Dubai royal family to Ascot racecourse with her son and the emir. By then the president was already beginning to suspect their "close relationship." When the media asked Flowers about his close friendship with the princess and the belief that he would be named during the divorce proceedings, he said only that he had nothing to say about it.

“There were times when I was with two bodyguards, but then she would kick one out, or Flowers would tell the other that he was not needed, "says a source close to the princess quoted by the Daily Mail . “When the bodyguard in question explained to the princess that this broke security protocol, she fired him.”

Haya from Jordan has been silent for two years . The time since she fled Dubai in search of safety for herself and her two children. The ex-wife of the emir, 45, is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and a half-sister of the current monarch, Abdullah. She met Sheikh Mohamed at a horse show in Jerez de la Frontera in 2002. They were married two years later in what was presented as a love wedding, her first and the sheikh's sixth - as far as we know . Since the princess, whose maiden name is Haya Bint Husein, reappeared in London where she settled with her two children, Jalila, 11, and Zayed, 7, where she fights the emir in court, a process that has been develops under secret at his request.

The cases of the disappearances of princesses Latifa and Shamsa , who are allegedly still confined somewhere in Dubai, was the final trigger that made Haya of Jordan carefully prepare her own plan to take refuge with her children in Great Britain and begin her process there. divorce without fear of retaliation. A fact that was complicated due to the strong public repercussion that the case has had. The way in which his separation from the emir of Dubai has taken place has called into question the image of Mohamed Bin Rashid al Maktoum , who since taking office has tried to appear to be a moderate and modern Arab leader. An attempt challenged by the evidence of the lack of individual and political freedoms, which are exacerbated in the case of women.

The princess now lives in the United Kingdom, in the country where she studied - she was educated at the University of Oxford -, in a mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens (London) valued at more than 99 million euros, with a fortune of almost 37 million euros that he managed to secure before his departure and protected by the position granted to him by the king Jordanian as Deputy Head of Mission for the Jordanian Embassy in the UK , a position that allows her to claim diplomatic immunity and remain in the UK.

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