The strange separation of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez: in divorce proceedings, but with an exchange of hints in networks


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Although "Chiquis" Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have not spoken of a reconciliation, in recent days they have been in charge of sending confusing messages about the fate of their relationship. After being seen enjoying a snowy landscape together, she bragged about her vacation in Tulum, Quintana Roo, while the two have written some strange phrases on their Twitter account.

The Mexican regional singer shared last weekend a photo to the next to his still wife, despite the fact that they have filed for divorce since last year. Both were seen happy on a snow vehicle, and although his face was covered, his identity was known almost immediately.

Lorenzo Méndez did not take long to eliminate the evidence of the meeting with "Chiquis" Rivera and the famous couple exchanged several messages that left more questions than answers about the future of their intermittent romance.

The first to send a strange comment was the former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón, who wrote: "If you cheat on me once, it's your fault ... If you cheat on me twice, it's my fault."

Janney Marín, Jenni Rivera's daughter's real name, was slow to react, but she did so with a very similar phrase from her social network.

“You cheated on me once, twice, even three times ... but I won't let you cheat again ”, the winner of a Latin Grammy responded forcefully.

The singer also launched another comment to respond to the latest controversies that accompany her. “I have no need to hide, pretend, or pretend to be someone I am not. I'm Janney and it's over! Whoever likes it ... today more than ever I live for me, my music ... and for the people who accept me as I am, "he wrote a few hours ago and just after sharing some fragments of his vacation, very far from the place where she was seen with Lorenzo Méndez.

And it is that "Chiquis" was seen in a bikini on a beach in Tulum, Quintana Roo, and also very sensual on a bed in which she appeared only with a shirt, as well as the natural face and without a drop of makeup.

The singer also introduced the "owner of her fortnights", who is a beautiful white dog named Pancho and who already has his own Instagram account.

The couple separated more than one once during 2020, but despite having a divorce petition in the Court of Los Angeles, California, their romantic situation is still on hold because they do not stop showing their affection in public places.

It was last September when "Chiquis" Rivera revealed his estrangement with Lorenzo Méndez and days later s was seen in a very romantic attitude with the Mexican businessman, Jorge Cueva, better known as “Mr. Tempo".

She was accused of being unfaithful to Méndez, but this scandal ended after she denied any relationship with the restaurateur and distanced herself from him.

Although at first they were hermetic, little by little both singers have commented on their feelings. Lorenzo Méndez was very affected after the separation; while Rivera confessed to People en Español : “The truth is, I'm very calm. Obviously I have my days where I miss him a lot because I got married to be married my whole life. It didn't work and that brings me a lot of sadness ”.

At the beginning of this month, speculation of a reconciliation awoke when they were seen together in El Paso, Texas, despite the fact that the divorce lawsuit is still standing.

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