The truth behind the return of Karla Panini as the "hot laundress": "It was just a TikTok and the past is where it should be"


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As controversial as ever, Karla Panini reappeared to play her character as the “Güera Laundress”, which became famous for the dumbbell she made for several years alongside the late Karla Luna and its consequent controversy.

The comedian and Announcer recorded a TikTok where she was seen smiling when she remembered her beloved character, who had remained in the trunk of memories due to the intense controversy that surrounded her after the conflict with Karla Luna.

Panini appeared first in an armchair where she was She moves to the rhythm of “Bibidi Babidi Bu”, the theme used in Disney's Cinderella movie.

But the surprise comes when she gets up and transforms into the mythical character that launched her to fame alongside Karla Luna, in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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The royal comedian included in her video the song "Envelopes, Envelopes", which she danced within her routine with "Las Laundresses", which led to hundreds of rumors about the return of the character who was immortalized as one of the favorites in Mexican comedy and after the scandal won the repudiation of half Mexico.

And it is that Karla Panini appeared with her disheveled blonde wig, her characteristic wardrobe and her already known steps of dance.

The famous one published this video to announce the return of Malinfluencers , the program that she performs alongside her partner and friend Jair Villareal, but now under a new signal and YouTube channel.

According to the official account of Remex Tevee, this "It is an entertainment channel that presents you with a different crazy and irreverent programming like you, like me, that's how we are."

"Malinfluencers on Air soon #SomosElExito #QueTieneQueImporta", they wrote to accompany this clip that has already generated hundreds of reactions.

After the return of the “güera comadre” was published on Instagram, hundreds of people appeared who supported the comedian and even celebrated the return of the character that made up “Las L advancers ".

" That more than 3 will burn "," You were late !!! Because I can, because I want to and because I feel like it ”,“ OMG. I love her and I miss her "," That mop "," I loved it. I adore you Panini, let the comedians grab hold of the discs "or" Am I dreaming or what? ", Are some of the comments that the controversial host received.

Despite the hundreds of comments that this audiovisual caused, from the same account of Malinfluencers explained what is behind this controversial TikTok.

“We love you and will continue to have fun! But it was just that, a TikTok. There will be cool things in Malinfluencers on the air, wait for it by Remex Tevee soon ", they wrote from their Instagram account.

" The past is there where it should be, even so, we were very happy because without saying a word we made them laugh again ! ”, They added through this digital platform.

Both drivers thanked the love they received from their followers and who desperately asked for the return of the“ güera comadre ”.

The controversy was also answered by Karla Luna's sister, Erika, who used her social networks to dedicate a series of comments to demonstrate her dissatisfaction with the supposed return of "Las Lavanderas", but without one of the pillars of the successful mancuerna.

"A talker falls faster than a lame man," he wrote in a first story on his Instagram account.

"Do you really think her return is going to work? First they finish her ... sit down and watch" Let the real hunger games begin, "he added in one more.

" Anyone who does wrong will eventually go wrong ... Things may initially turn out as planned, but sooner or later God will take care of it. to take its toll because Divine Justice is something that no one can escape from ”, he concluded.

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