The ultimatum from Kiko Rivera to Isabel Pantoja in 22 sentences


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Kiko Rivera assures that she hopes she will not have to bring her mother to justice. To do this, he wants Isabel Pantoja to call him and have a private conversation to explain his way of proceeding with regard to heritage and especially about Cantora who left his father Paquirri 36 years ago and from whom he has received nothing. After the start of hostilities three weeks ago, the tonadillera remains silent: it has only issued an exclusive statement . But he has not made any gesture aimed at finding a solution.

Pantoja, according to his son, does speak from behind and, among other things, accuses his wife Irene Rosales of being the inspirer of this conflict. Tired of these insinuations, Kiko Rivera spoke again on Telecinco live but this time not on a set, but rather at the door of his house.

These are some of the accusations and the ultimatum that Kiko Rivera has made to his mother.

- “What I want is that my mother, in the future, does not leave me a brown and I my children. That's it. I don't care about inheritance. I have not inherited anything from my father for 36 years, I don't care, what I want is for my mother not to leave me a puff ".

-" I don't spend the day crying, but I have my moments. I just want this nightmare to pass soon and that will be when my mother does not leave me with the pufo. This is up to her. If this phone rings and gives me the Necessary explanations, publicly it will be stopped, internally we will have that problem forever ".

-" I don't know if it has no value or what. We already know that my mother is a bit proud, although you have to swallow it. For everyone's health, you should. You should behave like a mother. To stop this, you must call me and give the necessary explanations. I can forgive him, but not forget ".

-" My mother has always put her partners before her children. "

-" You have given me life, but Irene has saved me ".

-" I have spent myself my money and you have spent yours and mine ".

-" My mother has no heart ".

-" I will not be able to forgive my mother ".

-" She is a person blinded by money ".

- "Now you're really alone."

- "My mother is not a good person."

- "I want to think that everything she has done has been for her love of money."

- "I don't want to take my mother to the courts, but if necessary I will do it ”.

-“ A person who loves another cannot do something like that ”.

-“ I have been deceived. They have robbed me knowingly that they were stealing from me. ”

-“ My mother used me as a credit card ”.

-“ According to these papers my mother doesn't love me, if this is what she calls wanting, I don't want her to I want to. ”

-“ I don't care if my mother forgives me or not, who I think of is my father ”.

-“ My mother's life is a big lie ”

-” Without knowing it I have been mortgaged since I was 18 years old because of my mother. ”

-“ I'm sick of lies. Mom stops living in your f… shitty world. ”

-“ My mother has a problem with money ”.

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