They accused Lele Pons and her boyfriend Guaynaa of animal abuse


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The influencer and model Lele Pons and her boyfriend, the reggaeton singer Guaynaa, unleashed a controversy on the internet after they shared a video on their Instagram accounts .

In the clip recovered from Twitter you can see the influencer enjoying a pool; However, little by little the camera allows us to see that there is something else inside the pool.

In the video you can see a reptile , some have mentioned that it is a crocodile and others an alligator , it has its snout tied with a black tape that does not allow you to open it. Users have reported and questioned the behavior of both when they have put the animal in the pool, where there is chlorine water.

Some users of social networks have reported that having these animals inside the homes is punishable by law; While the followers of the influencer have defended her and mention that this is not animal abuse.

In networks they share phrases such as “neither being a millionaire, nor being famous, nor being an influencer, nor being anything, justifies animal abuse.”

In an Instagram post, Stef Roitman, a friend of Lele Pons, tried to justify the presence of the crocodile in the photos of Lele Pons and Guaynaa.

“Friends, friends. The lizard is in excellent hands. It belongs to a friend of Lele who takes care of him since he is a baby in an area where the lizard is in the best condition. He has the tape in his mouth just in case, because he doesn't know us and he can bite hard. Then they take it away, ”Roitman wrote on Instagram.

Which ended up creating more comments against it, since they did not justify the action of Lele, her partner and friends.

The influencer has more than 43 million followers, so users report that her behaviors could set examples for those who follow her. So far, neither the model nor her partner have mentioned anything about it.

In Mexico, there is a Mexico City Animal Protection Law and the General Wildlife Law , in accordance with article 3, sections XXIX and XXV, which define abuse as an act or omission of the human being that can cause pain , physical deterioration or suffering that affects the well-being, endangers the life of the animal or seriously affects its health or physical integrity, as well as exposure to conditions of overexploitation of its physical capacity for any purpose

In accordance with the universal proclamation of animal rights it is established that in article 4 it says that “every animal belonging to a wild species has the right to live freely in its own natural, terrestrial, aerial or aquatic environment and to reproduce. Any deprivation of liberty, even that which has educational purposes, is contrary to this right. ”

It is the first time that the couple has found themselves in a problem that sparks the controversy of their followers, unlike the praise they have received since they confirmed their relationship

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