"They are going to pay me to remove it": Lupillo Rivera already wants to remove the tattoo that he made of Belinda


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Lupillo Rivera boasted a year ago the tattoo that he made on his arm with Belinda's face, but this time he surprised everyone by revealing that he already plans to remove it from his body and will also receive a payment to do so.

"El Toro del corrido", as he is also known, revealed that he already wants to remove the engraving that was made of the singer of Spanish origin, despite the fact that for many months he assured that he would leave it in place because he made a promise.

The confession was made in a talk he had with Blanca Martínez "La Chicuela" on the TV Azteca program Venga la Alegría, where he commented: "Take off all your tattoos, just leave Jenni (Rivera's)".

Lupillo did not hesitate to respond with his characteristic sense of humor and laughing confirmed that he would soon remove Belinda's face from his body , a tattoo that generated great controversy because with it the supposed romance that both artists had when they were coaches of La voz México was uncovered. .

“Now, now, we're already working there. Now it turns out that they are going to pay me to take them off and it will be interesting ”, commented the interpreter of Fondo, Fondo y Despreciado.

Horacio Villalobos, another of the hosts of the morning show, suggested that he make a video about the removal of the tattoo as a test.

“I am going to record it and upload it,” added Lupillo Rivera.

The singer did not explain the reasons to remove Belinda's face from his arm, but he himself assured this year that he would remove the tattoo only if a new girlfriend asked him to do so and for a few months he has been seen very much in love with a young Mexican woman.

“We are enjoying love . We are waiting to see what happens between the two of us, if we get along, if there may be a future or not. We are waiting and enjoying, "he said in Venga la Alegría.

" The girl (his girlfriend) is getting to know the whole family, as it should be, "he added, confirming that their relationship is very formal.

During the emission, Lupillo Rivera informed that the COVID-19 test would be carried out since his son has had some symptoms.

“My nose has a little flu and I say before I take him to his doctor, I'm going to take him to do the test to protect others ", concluded,

The theme of Belinda's tattoo on the arm is recurrent in the life of Lupillo Rivera, who in October 2020 stressed that he does not regret having done it.

" No, I do not I regret. I am a real man ”, he said during his participation in the Estrella TV program, Tu-Night with Omar Chaparro.

The singer specified that he is aware of all the things he has done throughout his 48 years and would not back down on any: “My life would not change for nothing in the world. I don't regret anything about my past. I have done everything 100% and I have done it because I feel like it.

The controversial tattoo became relevant last year because it was evidence that Lupillo and Belinda had a torrid and fleeting romance when they were coaches of La voz Mexico.

About this recording, the Mexican regional singer said in an interview with Firsthand on Imagen Televisión: “That (the tattoo) has to stay there, so I pledged my word and my word is worth it. Only if I take a partner one of these days and he asks me to take him off, then there is another kind of respect.

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