"They have to continue with their life": Alexis Ayala's mother defended the actor's decision to intern her in a family home


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The actor Alexis Ayala was involved in a controversy after having the idea of committing his mother, Doña Eli, to a nursing home . For many, this was considered a form of abandonment .

But it was directly Eli who came out to support the decision made by the famous interpreter , because according to the lady, for her it is an understandable decision that her children have decided to admit her because she has in mind that they cannot take the time to take care of her and that they have to get on "with their life." It was through an interview for the morning program "Hoy", where he gave the following statements:

You do not have to be afraid at any given moment to make the decision and go where you know you will be cared for and sometimes the children cannot, and they have to move on with their lives

The use of family homes to help care for the elderly has always been highly controversial. This is due to numerous testimonies in which cases of abuse by some workers in these care centers have been made known, which sometimes have even cost the lives of older adults.

However, Ms. Eli feels very confident with her decision and assured that it is an idea that must be taken into consideration because for her it is not about the idea of abandoning parents but about "thinking about the happiness of their children":

Yes, I frankly recommend it and I think it is something that children should take into consideration; They should not be afraid, it is not leaving their parents, it is not abandoning their parents, it is to continue living as long as we have left and that is very important, also to think about the happiness of their children

And it is that the words of Doña Eli caused strong havoc in Ayala, who could not bear to hear the words of her mother without crying, so she said that sometimes children cannot send their parents home Well, added to the decision, there is also the high cost of this type of service. For this reason, Ayala said that he will form a fund for those who do not have the resources to take their elderly to this type of shelters.

This is how the actor wrote on his social networks:

We take this stage of life little into account and it is a different capacity, not all of us will live adulthood in Health, not all of us will have someone to take care of us and we really should be more aware of this

In fact, one of the great opponents of this type of customs is the President of the Republic himself, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who at the G-20 conference, criticized those who make the decision to intern their adult relatives elderly in nursing homes or shelters. For him "the family is the best social security", because according to the president, "these places will never supply the love that loved ones offer them."

And it is that during this period of pandemic, nursing homes for the elderly have been one of the places most affected by the pandemic, since they are mostly a population at risk. The expenses for these institutions have put them in a situation of risk of closure and that they have to return the elderly to their families, increasing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

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