They were four brothers: the story where Eleazar "N" spoke about the loss of his older brother


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The controversial case of Eleazar "N" has been one of the most complicated periods for the actor's family, because despite the fact that various rumors suggested that the actor would go free after he continues his trial against the alleged attacks against his partner , Stephanie Valenzuela , it was confirmed that she will spend another two months in prison.

However, the story of Eleazar's family not only has to tell the current tragedy he is going through but also the loss of the family's older brother , named Hixem, who decided to take his own life when he was just 18 years old.

As reported by the magazine TV Notes in an interview with Eleazar "N" published a long time ago, the actor revealed one of the most intimate mysteries of the family and that everything goes back to his childhood, when he, Hixem, Jairo and Zoraida formed a children's group with the support of then-producer Luis de Llano. The musical group was called “Los Rollers Gómez”.

The grouping, like many of its time, failed to generate the success they hoped for, which is why it ended up dissolving. Despite this setback, both Eleazar and Zoraida went ahead and prepared to become members of the show business, but apparently, due to a severe case of depression , Hixem made an attempt on his life.

This event was a very hard blow for the then very young Eleazar, who was only 16 years old at that time and felt the loss of a person whom he described as with whom he had a special relationship, so when he died, he decided to entrust himself to him as a "guardian angel."

In addition to the loss of his brother, the family had to face the separation of their parents from a young age , something that of course left him very marked because despite the fact that he affirmed that he never lacked a father figure, however, he also confessed that When his father died, some quarrels had caused them to separate and it hurt him a lot to know that he died and that he could not be by his side:

We have always been very close; It is something for which I am very grateful with life, to have the family that I have and because my mother has given us a great education and taught us to be together, and that will be for the rest of our lives.

Eleazar will not be released from prison this year

Yesterday, Stephanie Valenzuela's lawyer reported that the judge decided not to let Eleazar “N” be released on probation and that he will have to spend another two months in prison, specifically in the North Prison, pending the resolution of the case of injuries against the Peruvian singer-songwriter.

It will be until mid-January 2021 when it will be known if the actor will be able to regain freedom or if he will continue the process from prison. Confusion reigned during the early hours of yesterday, November 20, after the actor's cousin, Yanira Díaz , reported that Eleazar would have left the prison on parole but it was until the hearing was over that it was confirmed that he will remain in detention.

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