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José José is remembered to date as one of the most important singers in Mexico . Although his career was in decline due to his health problems that led to his death at the end of 2019, the Prince of Song is still present for his hit songs such as La nave del oblivido and El triste.

However, there are also other reasons why it still gives a lot to talk about in public opinion . And is that his children are still in a legal fight to clarify several situations that were pending with the singer-songwriter not only since he died, but since he left Mexico to live in Miami with his last wife, Sara Salazar , and his youngest daughter, Sarita Sosa .

In an interview for various media (and viralized by the Eden Dorantes channel on YouTube), José Joel Sosa , the eldest son of the Prince of Song, spoke about the rejection that both Sarita Sosa and his mother have for talking to him and his sister, Marysol Sosa , to at least maintain a pleasant relationship .

"They are also part of José José's family," said the singer's eldest son. “ The bad thing is that they forced him and wanted them to say by force 'Oh, it's THE family of José José!' Nerd. The family (they are) and we are (us). They insisted on putting us aside and taking us away ”.

It should not be forgotten that in March 2019, months before the death of the Mexican singer-songwriter, José Joel and Marysol Sosa filed a lawsuit against Sarita Sosa because they claimed that she and her mother had him kidnapped . During the year that José José lived with them, he was held incommunicado with the children of Ana Elena Noreña , so they were unaware of his state of health.

José Joel emphasized his annoyance towards the attitude taken by his younger sister with his father and insinuated that he tried to hang himself on his death to gain some fame :

What did they want to achieve? 'Let the girl sing', Well let the girl sing! But, I mean, does my dad have to die or do you have to sell my dad's death so you can sing? There are many of which we are waiting for answers. ”

That is why José Joel was asked about the will they found last year . In this, as will be remembered, the interpreter of Amar y quiero left José Joel and Marysol as the only heirs. The eldest son responded that he accepted the possibility of a rapprochement with Sarita Sosa through a document : "If this will help us, legally , we can approach them, then so be it."

For his part, the possibility that there was another testament that invalidates the one that is already known in public opinion was hinted at. José Joel limited himself to saying that he does not know and that, for now, it is based on the document already found. " I've always said 'Whatever the will says . ' But as of today, as far as we know, there is only that testament and it is in favor of the family of Mexico.

assures that it has been a year and a half since they have tried to contact Sarita Sosa and her mother without having had a reaction positive. What's more, they receive absolutely nothing from either of them:

“We've already been doing this for a year and a half with this 'Hey, how are you?', 'Hey, when are we meeting?', Hey, Well, let's take a Zoom! '... nothing . So we don't know what is happening, what they are up to or what they may be doing. So you just have to be alive.

Finally, José José's son notices one thing , and that is that he intends to clarify everything once they solve the problem of the will to see the distribution of the inheritance. About Sarita Sosa he said that he and his sister Marysol just want to end everything .

“At the end of the day, what we are looking for is the truth , what is behind the kidnapping , what is behind the confinement , what is behind the isolation for with my dad . I couldn't come, Marysol couldn't come, you couldn't come, nobody could come!

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