This is what the abandoned house of Cantinflas in Acapulco now looks like


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Young people unveil the abandoned house of Cantinflas in Acapulco. It seems that the fondness for breaking into the private properties of famous figures is beginning to become popular among young people (Video: Instagram @rolandoast)

One week after a group of young people broke into Luis Miguel's abandoned mansion in the Acapulco Diamante area To capture on video the tour they had inside the property that now looks run down and empty, now other users of social networks have repeated "the feat", but with the mansion of another important figure in the Mexican entertainment world who died 27 ago

Now the young people named Rolando Astudillo and Luis Mojica shared on their Instagram profiles that they entered the house of the remembered comedian Mario Moreno Cantinflas , located in the Las Playas neighborhood of the same Mexican Pacific port and that he once inhabited the so-called mime of Mexico after having acquired it in the 1950s.

The Instagramers who had the audacity to visit and invade it despite being private property, showed aspects of it, the one that attracted the most attention was a huge figure of the comedian at the foot of the bay, a statue which still retains its colors although other details of the house located in the most emblematic port of Guerrero look deteriorated.

In the property that looks completely abandoned, with the help of a drone that the young people had, you can appreciate the impressive view to the sea and some paintings on the walls that are preserved to date, such as murals of various fish and some figures of mermaids and other mythological characters . With two panoramic videos, Astudillo and Mojica highlighted in the publication that the house is sold for 250 million pesos and has debts, however the data from where they would have obtained such information is unknown.

On their way, the intrepid Instagramers toured the roofless part of the house, and although they could not fully enter the rooms, they did manage to "take a dip" in one of the two abandoned pools at the edge of the sea and at the feet of the giant figure of the emblematic comic from the time of gold of the national cinema. It is unknown so far how these young people were able to access the property.

It is not the only property of the artist that is in the abandonment after his death, because "The detail", the famous hacienda he had in San Luis Potosí has also been of public interest. The land where the property is located was acquired by Cantinflas in 1942, and from that moment he began to build what was his rest home.

The residence that has 12 rooms was visited some time ago by YouTube user Aurelio Acuña , in whose video he recalled that various citrus fruits were harvested on the farm and cattle were raised. In addition to the huge house, the comedian built stables, a charro canvas that he named "Cholita" in honor of his beloved mother Soledad Reyes, a swimming pool and a bar where some of the most famous stars of the time paraded.

A curious aspect from "The Detail" is that the highest part of said bar connected to the pool by means of a springboard from where the comedian and his guests used to dive. Although the real reasons why the comedian left the hacienda are not known, it is rumored that it would have been because he had a difference with Gonzalo N. Santos, then governor of the state of San Luis Potosí , who would have been upset because one of the Cantinflas's horses beat his in a race.

It is said that the mime used to visit her every 15 days, while her brother was in charge of her administration and care. The actor would have paid about 5 million pesos for the property and it is said that he “wasted” it at 3 million pesos . Currently the house is a tourist attraction and frequently receives visitors interested in learning more about the life of the actor who lost his life on April 20, 1993, at age 81 in Mexico City.

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